In & Out


Hi, Tora-chan, you look like bound with mom-in-law’s futon hunger. Yes, raining hard with gale from yesterday, it is the best to stay home. What are you staring at? Ah, Dora-chan or Alto, you are that boy who has continued to call her for around a month. However, you two resemble each other too closely. That means she should not be your partner, doesn’t it?

Too Soon


We have 立春=risshun, the first of spring and whole 二十四節気 today. It means to get warmer on lunar calendar, while still in cold weather on solar one normally. Yes, it is quite normal for us to put on thick sweaters and coats within February. However, thinner ones are often chosen this winter. Less snow, much more rain. The latter prevents Mei-Shun from going to see lovely horseies.

White plum soon

So are baby tulips

Japanese Culture@weekday


We have 立冬=ritto, the first of winter 二十四節気 today. It really might be in the morning and evening. This year saw many devastating typhoons, delayed into October. September has been such a season so far, while climate change seems to affect our country as well. So it would be regular turn of season to feel summer at the beginning of November, before winter in just a few days.

Only Gods know.

Flowery Cup


Mei-Shun walked to a hair saloon for dyeing. Waiting for the medicine soaking, she always enjoys a cup of tea in a lovely earthenware. Today’s selection follows below, designed like wrapped with 吾亦紅=waremoko or burnet. This is one of her favorite, while not included in the 7 representative wild flowers bloom from September to November.

White after White


Plum blossom was almost over and 白木蓮=haku-mokuren, magnolia would follow. Horsetails also does on the way to the nearest shrine, where Mei-Shun lately drew an omikuji lot saying she has the least luck. Since someone might deceive her into trouble, she must be wary to recognize good or bad ones. Well, a difficult mission — there is nobody pernicious closely around her.

An Enigma


Dieter Mei-Shin tends to eat slowly, masticating well. It looks good for health, yet might as well stimulate her stomach little by little to crave one more bite, over and over. She therefore takes too long a time to eat 80% of capacity. On the other hand, Shin and his mother eat so quickly that his wife still has half of her serving when they finish theirs up. Why one of them burly while the other skinny?

Calm Down Pls


Mei-Shun cannot help confirming that we are in October right now. It must be one of the most comfortable months, yet has both summer and winter this year. Our air conditioners sounded weird at first when she asked them to warm rooms: they played the opposite tune last week. It has been Mr. Aladdin who worked as one and only warmer so far. Oh, Mikan-chan, how clever you are to know the best place.


it’s warm here.

We are stared,

by whom?

Mom, it’s UUUUU(grimace) …

Hello, Good-bye


2017 rainy season has gone, according to weather forecasts. However, an official declaration sounded to Mei-Shun a bit too early, lacking enough rainfall — only around half quantity compared to the average they say, that can be called empty or 空梅雨=kara-tsuyu. With thunderstorm at night for these days, she wonders if it managed to make ends meet. Let’s continue to save our precious water.


Second Time


Mei-Shun fell from horseback again. It seemed better than the first, horrible one in which she hit muddy ground on left hip. She nearly got off Tie Crescent from legs, staggered a little to kneel. Thanks to a vest with airbag, she had no hurt.

However, failure is failure. Actually, she might know the reason: she felt something weird in riding technique, let her concentration wander.



Oh My Cheek


Just terrible. A mosquito might bite Mei-Shun on the face. Or her sleepy scratch at night caused it. It seemed a round, red spot in your thumb nail size suddenly appeared this morning. However, she put on glasses all day yesterday. It might have already enjoyed that place. She spread prescribed ointment on it, found it so glossy that everyone including herself would be shocked.