Calm Down Pls


Mei-Shun cannot help confirming that we are in October right now. It must be one of the most comfortable months, yet has both summer and winter this year. Our air conditioners sounded weird at first when she asked them to warm rooms: they played the opposite tune last week. It has been Mr. Aladdin who worked as one and only warmer so far. Oh, Mikan-chan, how clever you are to know the best place.


it’s warm here.

We are stared,

by whom?

Mom, it’s UUUUU(grimace) …

Hello, Good-bye


2017 rainy season has gone, according to weather forecasts. However, an official declaration sounded to Mei-Shun a bit too early, lacking enough rainfall — only around half quantity compared to the average they say, that can be called empty or 空梅雨=kara-tsuyu. With thunderstorm at night for these days, she wonders if it managed to make ends meet. Let’s continue to save our precious water.


Second Time


Mei-Shun fell from horseback again. It seemed better than the first, horrible one in which she hit muddy ground on left hip. She nearly got off Tie Crescent from legs, staggered a little to kneel. Thanks to a vest with airbag, she had no hurt.

However, failure is failure. Actually, she might know the reason: she felt something weird in riding technique, let her concentration wander.



Oh My Cheek


Just terrible. A mosquito might bite Mei-Shun on the face. Or her sleepy scratch at night caused it. It seemed a round, red spot in your thumb nail size suddenly appeared this morning. However, she put on glasses all day yesterday. It might have already enjoyed that place. She spread prescribed ointment on it, found it so glossy that everyone including herself would be shocked.



Willow, gingko and persimmon. It is so nice to see you become greener and greener day by day. Oh, regarding progress, Mei-Shun and Madoka-chan share happy promotion: the former would go up to gallop classes while the latter graduate from training program. Senior instructors gave formal approval to Madoka-chan, yet they did not for Mei-Shun who feels a bit worried about the next lesson …

Correct or Wrong


Regarding interpretation from Japanese to English, Mei-Shun feels somehow strange when devastating disasters are called with “great”. Examples include Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake(1995) and Great East Japan Earthquake(2011) which recently hit our country. On the other hand, she has seen a sign calling 牛久大仏 “Great Ushiku Buddha”. Do you kind followers think it necessary?

Normal End


As written last year, Mei-Shun was born in a leap year. Just one day longer than usual, does it do something on her character? For example, she tends to be 5 minutes late for any appointment. This is of course an awful breach of manner, yet one idea went through her head. Each day has 24 hours, which counts for 288 times of 5 minutes. Has she already consumed this “given” time? Or when she eats all up, would she be released from such a curse?