Willow, gingko and persimmon. It is so nice to see you become greener and greener day by day. Oh, regarding progress, Mei-Shun and Madoka-chan share happy promotion: the former would go up to gallop classes while the latter graduate from training program. Senior instructors gave formal approval to Madoka-chan, yet they did not for Mei-Shun who feels a bit worried about the next lesson …

Correct or Wrong


Regarding interpretation from Japanese to English, Mei-Shun feels somehow strange when devastating disasters are called with “great”. Examples include Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake(1995) and Great East Japan Earthquake(2011) which recently hit our country. On the other hand, she has seen a sign calling 牛久大仏 “Great Ushiku Buddha”. Do you kind followers think it necessary?

Normal End


As written last year, Mei-Shun was born in a leap year. Just one day longer than usual, does it do something on her character? For example, she tends to be 5 minutes late for any appointment. This is of course an awful breach of manner, yet one idea went through her head. Each day has 24 hours, which counts for 288 times of 5 minutes. Has she already consumed this “given” time? Or when she eats all up, would she be released from such a curse?


Cold Gale


A phone call came from Master Mei-Shu’s husband. He said his wife looked sick, had to cancel today’s lesson. That is terrible for her, yet what is going on? Just a second before, Mei-Shun sent an E-mail to the master, asking to let her student put kimono on after driving. It was so windy that long sleeves and tight wrapping of legs seemed to disturb safe handling of a car. Master replied simply, “I see”. Anyway, please take care. Such a stormy weather must be hard for her to endure.

2nd Harvest?


It looks they harvest rice only once in early autumn. That plant is strong enough to grow again, while no sparrows come to sip milk from the ears. They might be empty or too small to feed little birds. If the first, tasty harvest results from agricultural efforts including pesticides and fertilizers, the second one symbolizes what it is by right, doesn’t it? Our ancestors have tampered with the nature to eat more. We currently try to eat less for good health.



Are U Piano?


We have taken Kuro-chan II as one of Tora-chan’s boyfriends so far, yet he might be “she”. They often stay together these days, yet no serenade is heard around our garden. And compared to Kuro-chan I, you look pretty slim. Your black jacket, white shirt and socks resemble the ones of that kitten named by Mei-Shun …

kuro II nearby (2)

Popular Girl


You have another boyfriend, don’t you? How’s Dora-chan? You do not get along anymore?? One of her last kittens looked like Kuro-chan I, a big guy with a black jacket and white socks. And Dora-chan sometimes visited our garden to say hello to the feeding mother. Now she seems to play and share meal with slimmer Kuro-chan II, putting on a longer black coat and a white bow-tie.

kuroII (2)

Stop Air Conditioner


I prefer natural temperature after winter. I love stoves, but dislike that humming one set high on the wall, hiss. Let’s go up to roof-floor landing where mom brought my beds. Oh, this pink one looks more comfortable — that cushion put within was too high before. She walked out, I wonder? Purr, it’s not bad.

pink mikan-chan (2)pink cushion (2)

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So Sorry


Oh, Mikan-chan, you still have the stone. She seemed to use her restroom in the morning, yet mom saw nothing left. When she tried for the second time, mom rushed to there to take a sample and — found a reddish drop. Our home veterinarian Dr. O always recommends an operation. We have no choice?

Snow in West


The weather forecaster says that it has heavily snowed in Kansai and Kyushu areas. Master Mei-Shu flew to Tokushima, Shikoku last Thursday. It has seemed that she might be a 雨女, ame-onna=a woman to whom rainfalls always follow, since heavy rain often troubles her hometown when she visits there. This time, it turned to snow while 雪女, yuki-onnna has all different meaning.