Half-year Prayer


Yes, this is a kind of special day for Shin and Mei-Shun. Six years have passed since they made it a rule to enjoy 水無月=minazuki, our way to call June while following delicacy popular in Kansai area. Cut into two triangles, the couple share it by another half; thanking one for allowing happy and safe life to them, keeping the other in the freezer to see later when they succeed in weight control.

Joy of Yokohama


… or China Town Mei-Shun means. Her favorite weather forecast aired in the evening sometimes features night view of the most famous port city in Kanto area, attracts her so much that she asked Shin a drive on weekend. Precious sunlight during rainy season let them feel satisfied with beautiful sight, strolling around flamboyant streets. 福満園 and 聘珍樓 are on their recommendation list.

Hydrangea Collection


It is Mei-Shun’s joy of rainy season to watch this flower planted in gardens along her route toward the nearest shrine. The first is like bridal bouquets, followed by bright blue ones to bring happiness to couples newly wed. Several more steps are required to see 3rd in violet next to 4th in bluish grey, full of lace. And the left of trio in the backyard of the Ys changes its color day by day.



There are two important persons regarding 邦楽発表会; Mr. K and Master Bando, one of close friends to beloved Master Mei-Shu while the former a neighbor in charge of community center, where Mei-Shun needs to reserve a room to practice kabuki dance. Now restrictions related to the novel coronavirus are almost all lifted, she would be pleased to contact them.

Here is the 3rd mademoiselle …

With a supporter later.


Green & Blue


Called by many names including 露草, 青花 and 月草, these blue flowers always make Mei-Shun happy. Now with rice paddy grown into bright green, where is the Queen Egret? She looks forward to seeing them nearby, while has seen them fly gracefully over the horsey riding field. And you, blue-eyed Siamese, please do not fight with that black fluffy.

Sobbing Sound


Yes, Mikan-chan, it really was. Lunar May started on Sunday, partial solar eclipse was expected as well. However, grey clouds covered the sky with a slight shower in the afternoon, Mei-Shun could not even see the sun. She therefore gave it up, concentrated on Ms. Piano. She made this poor player shocked at Allegro among Impromptus, Opus 90 by Master Schubert which HAD been in her repertoire …

Stars still seen on the ground

My Day


It is today again, purr. Mom went out in the morning, returned in a minute. She told me rain started to fall, prevented her from walking to the nearest shrine. Meow, it means you should stay home all day with me. You have a lot to do when a new week begins, especially on PC closed yesterday, don’t you? Oh, it was 夏至=geshi, the 4th of summer 二十四節気 with the longest daytime, yet almost in vain.

My claws on bear …

Mom cut them.

Sleepy …


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Déjà Vu


Oui, c’est ça, mademoiselle. Since Mei-Shun made you put off a cotton robe and go outdoors for more water, your buds have grown rapidly. It is her great honor to see the first of you bloom yesterday, the second today. When all of you could greet her, you might feel too heavy to stay together. Please do not hesitate to call her if it happens. She would be happy to help you by holders your predecessors used last year.

How Luxurious!


Mei-Shun visited a beauty saloon in Tokyo, the one she tried to compare with the other. Hmm, his technique is fine, makes her hair healthier. He might win her intention for curling next time. Quite satisfied, she dropped in a department store to purchase some cookie. It is a kind of excursion for her as well, including a short trip on train. As cool wind blew to smooth tall buildings, sunset dyed them bluer and bluer.


Mild Medicine


Thank you so much, Shin, to bring home this cute bouquet last night. Sunflowers accompanied by little green hydrangeas, full of vitamin shades to energize his sleepy wife. Mei-Shun is still beaten by a spike of temperature between Sunday and Monday; with difference of approximately 10 degrees Celsius, she stayed indoors on cool former while went out to see lovely horseies on torrid latter.