Ripe Soon


Mei-Shun plays better that score composed by Master Bach these days. It is thanks to the radio program she used to listen to: she has stopped learning Spanish for three-fourth year by an intention. When she aims to acquire fluency on piano, not only her fingers but also ears need time and concentration to absorb melody. That might be because she has a kind of resistance in brain to accept something new.

Thanks, mom-in-law.

Dental Care


It has become very important for Mei-Shun in recent several years. Her teeth are firmly established, thanks to late father. However, so much a lover of sweets from childhood, she let many molars decayed, covered with metal including gold — greedy dentists might partly cheat her doleful mother. Good Dr. M is on the opposite side of such a scale, gives necessary treatment and regular check like today.

Thanks mom-in-law, for 100% handmade croquettes from planting potatoes.

White Beauty


Hello egret, great to see you here again. You might be a harbinger toward better omikuji lots drawn at the shrine Mei-Shun often walks to. It was 吉=kichi, lucky for herself while 大吉=dai-kichi, the luckiest for Shin. On the other hand, the former seems quite similar to previous 末吉=sue-kichi, the least lucky which said, “Worship Gods staying honest, and soon clouds will leave to let you see brilliant moonlight.

Superior Piano


Never taking Spanish inferior, yet Mei-Shun chose its test in October. That is because she would like to brush up her technique in playing several scores. Master J. S. Bach is on the top of the list which accommodates “Life of Merry-go-round”, “Le Cygne” and “Pavane pour une Infante Défunte”. She loves the last one, practiced earnestly years before yet played around others for a while.

Thanks Shin, working hard from early morning.

Step by Step


Or should Mei-Shun call it finger by finger? To tell the truth, she practiced passing the 3rd page of that piece by Master J. S. Bach until recently, where sharp position changes from F key to G. It results in more mistakes than other pages, forced her to make special workout in hands for such “difficult” part. It is like she feels a kind of tense in gallop on horseies; she has only to augment experience for progress.

Joy? of Diet


So February has seen Mei-Shun spoil herself. According to results of health check (including physical measurement) conducted at the end of last month, she is healthy on the whole, yet has a slight tyre around lower body. Well, absolutely. Even if staying within the borderline, she has never reached the ideal weight calculated by BMI for a decade.

You are slender under a fluffy coat, honey.


Early Spring


Mei-Shun’s route to the nearest shrine shows clearly which season walks with her. Current one sees veronica persica and plums; blue, white and pink bloom more and more day by day. Yet oops, she drew 凶=kyo, unlucky omikuji lot. Dear flowers, 狛犬 couple and moon-window lanterns, please give your merciful sympathy to this a bit plump dieter.