Sharpen U Up


Mei-Shun loves pencils. They serve her a lot for whom writing by hand is the best way to learn foreign languages. When she makes formal documents, rough drafts would be written on papers before typed. Most public examinations she has taken require them. On the other hand, various design gives her pleasant chances to choose while such simple structure a time to think about nothing.

5Y + 17Wks


Mei-Shun went to see Dr. A for a regular half-an-year check today. Many changes were seen there; visits were prohibited for inpatient families, all doctors and hospital staffs put on face masks in summer, less cars and outpatients including this ex-inpatient. She would wait for a phone call, yet without thinking about the result as so far. Just drive back to home, still in time for Spanish radio program.

14th and 15th mesdemoiselles opened, made a perfect bouquet

Maestro Chopin


He gives Mei-Shun two lyrical scores; Prélude Op. 28-15 “Raindrop”, Nocturne “Posthumous”. The former is seldom played on Ms. Piano these days when windows are often seen covered with tears, while the latter has become more fluent. It is partly thanks to the Spanish radio program which seems to have returned to the starting point recently, made easier to learn.

Mademoiselle Vert Cinquième

Sobbing Sound


Yes, Mikan-chan, it really was. Lunar May started on Sunday, partial solar eclipse was expected as well. However, grey clouds covered the sky with a slight shower in the afternoon, Mei-Shun could not even see the sun. She therefore gave it up, concentrated on Ms. Piano. She made this poor player shocked at Allegro among Impromptus, Opus 90 by Master Schubert which HAD been in her repertoire …

Stars still seen on the ground

Japanese Culture@holiday


Nationwide state of emergency in our country would have expired today, the last of Golden Week holidays. However, it was announced to be extended toward the end of May while partly lifted in areas except for 13 prefectures including Ibaraki. White beauties are seen in many places, perhaps to encourage Shin and Mei-Shun to continue stay-at-home life with smile.

Curtain from yellow to white

Joy of Diet?


Mei-Shun wonders why she still stays one bag of sugar behind the goal, as long as 4 months have already passed. She knows there are several points on the way: while she is on satisfactory decline in weight, her shape does not make remarkable change. And vice versa. Hey, mischievous textbook, please stop calling her “d.e.b”. Anyway tonight, she would treat herself to a glass of sake Shin’s young friend brewed in Paris.

Master Spanish


Today is the last for Mei-Shun’s favorite radio program de español. It represents o-mo-te-na-shi, hospitality to guide guests from Spanish speaking countries. Although we missed a chance to give it at the big sport event this year, she will continue to study this language in preparation for a test expected in June. These six months also let her learn how to play “Nocturne Posth.” composed by Master Chopin.

Not So


… easy it is. Mei-Shun meant to resume kabuki dance practice at home in preparation for stage performance in autumn. However, having been used to spend weekdays in horsey riding, Spanish and piano, she has to squeeze out time available keeping good health. One idea therefore is to shift into her own “summer time”: loosen schedule to dance with horseies who prefer winter.

Would you agree, little snowy?

No More


… point of no return. Mei-Shun means it on coming March 31st when she visits another hospital for health check. Aiming to reach the real goal, she would resume her methods which tend to be ignored these days. Less exercise caused by rainfall also makes her vulnerable toward weight gaining. May she treat herself to 冨貴寄, reserving the biggest can to be delivered on above date?

Or cherry-colored one is better?


Wake Up!


Mei-Shun was a bad old girl this week — she did not well listen to the radio program of Spanish. However, since she has already learned how to play Nocturne “posthumous” composed by Master Chopin, this romantic piece is now on the list of her scores available. Even if it does not yet flow smoothly, practice is the best way to improve. So it was for the great work by Master Bach.