Thank You


So this is the last post from Mei-Shun in 2017. How was it for you — full of pleasure? That is great! For the writer, half of her goals have been accomplished. She therefore put another eye onto this だるまさん, daruma doll. It is freezing outdoors, while wind stopped today to give us relief in shoulders. She wishes you, kind follower a happy new year from the bottom of her heart.


Last Lesson


With you this year, Vanilla-san and Madoka-chan. Thanks a million for your being friendly to Mei-Shun. Here are brown sugar for your good sleep. See you next year. Well, she joined gallop lessons in May. Nearly the same period as her original diet, she is still in a half-baked position. However, necessary practice should be enjoyed: she will feel no pressure to go ahead in this matter.

Windy Walk


Mei-Shun put on a thick track suit under a down jacket, followed by earmuffs, gloves and a cap. Tall trees around her home were swaying a little at the top in the morning, allowed her to be in good time to walk out. 日先神社 has already begun preparation to serve us from coming new year. Tiny reception desks for 巫女=miko, shrine maidens are covered with snow-white cloth.

Teddy Body


Purr, I like mom’s new jacket. She has another one in ivory white, shorter sleeves. And much smaller, I’m not interested in sleeping under it. Meow, I must watch her not to go out leaving me alone. Since yesterday was one of her busiest, I kept a good girl as a help. Didn’t I, mom? If you think so, treat me as much as possible please. Let me take a nap in this until you do the same later with me. Purr … purrr …

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Merry Christmas


So this is it. Christmas Day is very special for Shin and Mei-Shun, their wedding anniversary. Since the best is to dine at home, the latter is quite busy. All the more this year because new-year greeting cards are due by today to reach on January 1st, 2018. She wrote them up by 14 : 00 o’clock, drove to the nearest post office before going shopping. Now she has to start — oh, you have already come!

     Who put this shoe?

Happy Sweets


She made it. Yes, finally. Mei-Shun treated herself to high-calorie ice cream this morning because the scale showed her success last night. And that’s all. She will keep current eating and exercise as long as being a woman — to reach further goal. Oh, another achievement was informed by fax. She passed the exam to be a legal guardian. Year-end Jumbo, a lottery is now expected to celebrate it.

Dark Riding


Although a crescent shines beautifully in the sky, it is a bit hard to stay on horsey’s back at night in winter. Coughs prevent Mei-Shun from joining such class from 17 o’clock — so sorry, Ms. I. Two lessons from 14 : 15 and 15 : 15 selected Mr. M and Mr. X respectively. Boys, please accept Mei-Shun’s apology for replacing the former by gentle Amazónes while the latter by lovely Maria in another class.