Amber Protection


It is so big that Mei-Shun was nearly shocked at first. Shin, take her most profound gratitude please. They say your face oil serves for better luster on this gemstone. She therefore takes everyday care of it, anticipating an excellent debut on kimono — it is a 帯留, obi-dome accessory for obi sash. 久慈, kuji in Iwate Prefecture has one of the oldest amber-embracing strata in the world, Santonian, Late Cretaceous. How romantic it is to see Mother Earth memory of more than 85 million years ago!


My Heart


Permission to find it on my hip. Today’s rainy and cool, makes me much sleepier than usual. It might be caused by Typhoon 10 or Lionrock. It is very bizarre one, which has wandered around for a while before approaching us. Currently going up north, it left Kanto area under charcoal gray clouds with sporadic shower. Mom’s legs are the best place in such weather. Purr, I love her.


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After 1Y + 21Wks


Thank you so much, Dr. A. She gave Mei-Shun “Yes” phone call last night, telling her no problem was found in the latest blood sample. It is said no news is good news. Mei-Shun agrees with this old saying and makes it a rule not to think about the disease after her regular visit to the hospital. Please, ma chérè mère, let her do so every time.

Fell In What?


Oh, poor gingko nuts. Chanthu and Mindulle have blown you down on the ground, still premature. Mei-Shun wishes she could pick you up to eat, yet they say you have amygdalin, a harmful toxin. You remind her of their own gingko, whose green leaves have been torn from branches to land onto balcony floor. Both of you left home too soon, yet had no choice.

銀杏落ちた 銀杏落ちた2

Pebbled Foot


Thank you so much, Dr. I. She is Mei-Shun’s home dermatologist. She shaved her left sole to pick up a kernel out of a corn. Mei-Shun actually had two, with bigger one grown up to give her a sense of discomfort. “Here it is,” said Dr. I showing it in light yellow. Oh, what a big one! She means, as a rolled-up skin ball around 5mm in diameter. It is so weird to have such a vegetable in you, isn’t it?

Night Lotus


Shin and Mei-Shun visited 水郷 Park. They found that it is one of “Poké-Sta.” since there were many people walking around with their smart phones in hand. The former looked happy to play on his own while the latter was more interested in flowers around them. She had believed that they slept at night, yet some of these lotuses bloomed in lovely pink. Or mischievous monsters might ask them to provide good hiding places.


Save Water


Today is 処暑=shosho, the second one of 二十四節気 of autumn. Meaning the end of summer, it has already seen 2 big typhoons including Chanthu and Mindulle, rushed over us last week and raged yesterday respectively. Landing of typhoons symbolizes our autumn while they sometimes hit the Japanese Archipelago in rainy season. We had a kind of pointless one this year, expecting therefore these typhoons to fill our dam. The result was … ?