Chocolate End


Thanks to a not-so-bad figure on the scale, Mei-Shun treated herself to ice cream after lunch. However, since one of her best friends Professor M abstains from both alcohol and sweets by his physician’s advice, they were unable to share joy of “Devil’s Chocolate Parfait”. By the way, this site to feature dance, cat and music has been occupied by desserts for these serial three days to conclude August!

Getting bigger.


End of Summer


Oh, how cute you are! Shin told Mei-Shun months before that he ordered her favorite fruit, yet the wife has waited for too long a time to keep such a happy information in mind. They are called 黄金桃 meaning golden peach, literally put on coats in the bright color. And once you peel one, reddish shade is seen on juicy skin. Now, several more days are necessary for the best taste.

Sweet Moon


Mei-Shun saw Dr. M, her home dentist for teeth cleaning only today. Replacement for Ame-chan would be arranged after 4th, September: its twin sister might be extracted as well. As a way to avoid such a gloomy idea, she dropped in a shop of 和菓子=wagashi, Japanese sweets to pick up following delicacies of autumn. Missing our graceful satellite for a few nights, shall we find her among them?



Congratulations! Although Mei-Shun’s mother is not interested in longevity, her daughters are so happy to see her get along toward 喜寿=kiju, the age of joy. The younger visited her place today, enjoyed chatting on lunch. “If I could live here until 米寿=beiju, 88 years old, please do not hesitate to celebrate it”, she joked. Well, eleven years will make both of your daughters elderly as well.

Wall Cleared


Ms. I finally told Mei-Shun that she has become ready to take certificate exam for Grade 4 of horsey-back riding. Wow, it’s cost her just 2 months compared to last whole year in normal lessons. She is happy to know how effective it is; private lessons require extra expenditure of course, yet let you recognize critical points to learn while normal ones to enjoy combination with other students.

Thanks, But…


Meow, mom said this is my summer bed, which has no roof. Sniff, sniff, hum. I prefer igloo-shape ones or, your legs are much better to sleep on. Dad therefore uses it as a footrest when he relaxes on the sofa, while mom as a holder for her balance ball. However, she would like to keep it mine for a while, removes the green gear before working out on the floor.

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Double Shocks


2018 summer has let a lot of typhoons make landfall on the Japanese archipelago. Although we have 処暑=shosho, the 2nd of autumn 二十四節気 today, both Soulik and Cimaron hit western part of our country with heat wave follows. Partly thanks to the bigger latter, Mei-Shun enjoyed riding on Maria-chan’s back in cool shadow of woods where our club constructed another lesson field.