Happy Niners


Mei-Shun hung futon mats yesterday, after 9 serial rainy days. It is one of her favorite housekeeping affairs, made her delighted looking up pale-blue sky patched by white and grey clouds. At her feet found 9 mesdemoiselles in full blossom, with 2 newly open taking one whole night. Early cicadas sounded from far away, let her know summer has already come above.

Déjà Vu


Oui, c’est ça, mademoiselle. Since Mei-Shun made you put off a cotton robe and go outdoors for more water, your buds have grown rapidly. It is her great honor to see the first of you bloom yesterday, the second today. When all of you could greet her, you might feel too heavy to stay together. Please do not hesitate to call her if it happens. She would be happy to help you by holders your predecessors used last year.

First Fruit


Mei-Shun’s chimonanthus praecox in the garden has a little violet-brown vase on the top of a branch. When she asked her mother how to treat it, the latter replied that it would drop onto the ground to raise babies. “If you do not want any, just pick it up”, she said. Well, mom-in-law is the person to decide. By the way, you are a round vase as well, Tora-chan.

Sweet Scent


Mei-Shun thought it came from mirabilis jalapa around her place. It might be right, while she lately found her 忍冬=suikazura, Japanese honeysuckle in blossom as well. The latter is also called 金銀花=gold-and-white flower, maybe because older flowers stay in yellow beside younger newly bloom in white. Would you come into this Persian vase made of copper, Shin brought home the other day?

Wild Wisteria


Mei-Shun feels grateful to see one on the top of backyard camphor tree. It was really by chance for her to catch the flowers of bluish violet into eyes, thorough a wide oriel window in the living room with a wooden bench attached inside. She sat on it chatting with her mother by phone, looked up the sky to keep hung futon mats dry. Now is the time to hang up and bring them in.

Bye and Hi


Mei-Shun found a fluffy ball of dandelion seed in the eastern veranda. She loves such a strong plant who lives a short, pretty life on narrow soil. Please, honey, come back to see her again next year. Another finding indoors was at the foot of Mademoiselle Vert. It looks all different from little leaf buds grew on her top. Are you going up or down, while to … bloom?

Your cousins in similar blossom, on one bank of nearby rice paddy

Growing day by day


Plus Pink


Our “backyard” plum trees are in 80% blossom right now. It is interesting for Mei-Shun that their shade all depends. Many of the strongest pink are seen in classical gardens, while weeping ones tend to put on pale tones. Above one is not in tears, whose petals have a pinch of violet. Oops, it has just started raining. Please do not make sudden resonance with this context.

Leap Year


So 2020 is, since we are in 子=ne, mouse of Chinese zodiac or 干支=eto. Others are 辰=tatsu, dragon and申=saru, monkey years come in every 4 years. Mei-Shun was born in the latter, lucky to have one more day at the end of this month. And one of the most interesting matters for her is that above three animals are small-large-medium in size respectively.

Newly on the table

Look Like?


Following below is a new teapot Mei-Shun purchased at her favorite shop. Its handle is put like a teacup, 90 degrees less angle compared to normal 180 toward spout. That makes it compact enough to save shelf space, while never allows her to pour by right hand only. She cannot but support the bottom by left hand covered with an oven mitten. Please keep safe such a thin arm, honey.

Or an ear?

Joy of Green


Necklace finally bloomed. Mei-Shun was very happy when saw one flower in a pot, happier as others follow in a few days. Since several buds were grown outdoors, she let them join indoor friends. On the other hand, 豆苗 or pea seedlings came to her kitchen for the first time. According to an explanation, second harvest would be available in a few weeks. How do you feel in this package of Cobb salad?