Healthy Green


Hello darling, a baby leaf of Mademoiselle Vert. So sorry for keeping you thirsty during Shin and Mei-Shun’s trip. It has been rainy, yet too cold to let you stay on the balcony. And oh, regarding outdoors, the wife found one of green necklace pots have several buds. Would you show those white, little flowers soon? Since weather forecasts say it would be freezing tonight, she is happy to let you in.

Rare Shots


Hi, little lizard, great to see you. Geckos often visit Mei-Shun indoors, while you stay outdoors. The former tend to come friendly into her sight, yet the latter rush below grasses when she greets you in the garden. Do you feel cooler there? And oh, lady beetle, it was you who sounded weird between a shutter and a window. So sorry for leaving you, who looks exhausted. Would you like some watermelon?

She might prefer climbing to eating.

Tasty Cat


He, le chat aux yeux d’or, comes from 友部 Service Area on 常磐 Highway. When Shin and Mei-Shun dropped in there returning from 水戸, they were lucky enough to encounter stalls of pottery. Many pretty bowls for natto, fermented soybeans, were featured this time. After scrutinizing every shop, they decided to bring him home. Please help Shin to diet, darling.

Lovely Guests


Have you kind followers seen cactus flower? Mickey-face one in mom-in-law’s garden suddenly went into lemon-yellow bloom last month. Baby mantis, great to see you again. And your appearance on the floor of Shin and Mei-Shun is really appreciated, gecko darling. Hey Tora-chan, please do not try to assault the latter after shower. She is already in pajamas, would not like your paws walked outdoors.

Go Cool


Lunar May starts from today. Chestnut trees are already in full bloom, giving sweet scent which let Mei-Shun feel coming rainy season. Rice paddy is growing enough to hide waterfowls among green stripes. Black Tea rose in our garden bloomed well this spring, with the last flower in autumnal shade. And Ms. Last One, here is a summer saddle pad for you.

I’m Home


Meow, mom finally let me in at night. It has been a war so far, especially these days when a fluffy stranger enters my territory, with intention to oust me. I therefore had to be wary not to meet him/her outdoors, giving up my bed of mom’s handmade. Tired and scared, I used to wait for morning, jump into indoors through shutter rolled up. Look, I’m so smart that know well my restroom is ready on the ground floor.

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Returned Luck?


It might be, tiny gold frog. When Mei-Shun picked up winter clothes at a laundry, you came back in a plastic bag written “left in a pocket”. Shin and his wife drew the same omikuji lot at 橘寺 with you attached. Nobody knows which of the couple you belong to, yet anyway it means she nearly let you beat hard in a big machine. Is it the reason why her latest lots were 凶, the worst luck and 末吉, the least lucky?

Please take her deep apology, again.