Glorious Green


Our fiscal 2021 starts from today, meaning year end of 2020 yesterday. Mademoiselle Vert seems to know it, greeted Mei-Shun with her first kissing bud in the morning. Thanks a lot, honey, you are so clever that waited for the best timing to bloom. Or did Momo-chan contact you to hand an eye-comforting batten? “Yes mom, great to see you, dad and Mikan-chan again.”

Yellow Yawn


You seem like, Princess Cymby. Taking nearly a whole month, younger bud finally started to bloom. It is really amazing to see her loosen fists one after another in greenish shade. By the way, following image is ready for 蝋梅 or wintersweet flowers, isn’t it? Coming from mom’s garden, it was expected by Mei-Shun to show fragrant dresses around new year.

Big News


Do you seem, Mr. Pot. Mei-Shun loves steamed dishes, so does Shin. The wife therefore changed a normal pot into a steamer using a plate full of tiny holes. However, according to the husband, it began to smell corroded metal. With millions of thanks, they said good-bye to it while hello to the one follows below on Mr. Blue. Egg custard in cups, Chinese-style bun and various vegetables are ready to be cooked.

Princess or Prince


Hello, little baby, great to see you. Which will you become, flowers or leaves? Well, you are too tiny to answer now. Either would be the happiest for Mei-Shun who calls you girls as the former, while boys the latter. Please listen, this is the last day of 2020. It seems like quite normal holidays starting from Thursday to a quiet weekend, leading to her birth month.

Which First?


Mademoiselle Vert and Princess Cymby both have flower buds now, makes Mei-Shun feel really pleased who missed the latter last year. Drinking a lot of water, they seem to compete with each other. So time goes ahead toward winter as the big gingko tree in the garden of 日先神社 took off a beautiful golden coat, put it on the ground to make a gorgeous carpet.

Joy of the Sea: 2


Meow, mom told me Mr. Ichiro, a steller sea lion kept at Aquamarine Fukushima looks like me when sleepy. Do you kind followers agree with her? More rare species is Mr. Kura-maru, only one ribbon seal in the world who stays in such an artificial environment. A fluffy image of him joined me and Mr. Junto on the sofa. I’m generous enough to allow boys taking a nap with me, purr.

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Glistening Guest


Hi, cute bug. It was you who made rustles in the living room. Mei-Shun sat on the sofa reading newspapers, with Mikan-chan sleeping on her legs. Rainfall caused by Typhoon XII or Dolphin prevented her from going out to dance with horseies, only by herself indoors. You might cling to the laundry, reached this dried bouquet looking for food. Come, Princess Cymby in the verandah would be better to relax on.

Attractive Array


It is cooler, final day of torrid August. Mei-Shun likes it combined with Monday: she feels somehow benefited from such a day followed immediately by the next month. Just 1 : 6 =Aug. : Sept. in a week, yet the former looks like having 5 weeks. This sense might be caused by the fact that she was born in one of leap years, meaning 1 : 3 among 12 干支=eto, Chinese zodiac.

Ms. Scarlet came into …

… our 萩=hagi, bushclover lately.

Oh, Hi,


You are there, baby gecko. When did you cling to Mei-Shun’s sneakers? She drove Shin to the nearest station in the morning, came home and tried to take them off. Then a piece of dried grass started to move. It is dangerous to stay here, Tora-chan might be interested in you. Relaxed on a geranium leaf, you resemble Mikan-chan a little who loves to cool herself down on the floor these days.

Waitin’ for Ms. Cymby to join us, purr.

Green Glisten


Mei-Shun found a little pupa on one of grapefruit pots. There was a bigger butterfly baby on another until recently, yet it had eaten up all leaves and — gone. Clever boy/girl, please feel safe. She would take good care of your tentative bed beside Mademoiselle Vert. The latter grows again a lovely little leaf bud with 13 flowers kept pretty. And weird parts as well, looking like artifacts.

Are you … roots?