Never Bite


Here are ice milk balls which help Mei-Shun much these days. Similar to hard candies in size and calories, this product satisfies her especially after meal. Although the former take long time to melt in mouth by heat, the latter promptly flow into throat keeping cool texture. Still, a feeling almost the same as a spoonful of ice cream is given. Better than leaving half a cup or a bar, isn’t it?

From Kyoto


Thanks a million, Shin, a hard worker even on weekends. Following are his souvenirs including 縮緬山椒=chirimen sansho, dried anchovy and Japanese pepper and 千枚漬=sen-mai-zuke, 聖護院 horseradish pickles by Mei-Shun’s request. And the best is a bag of cute, round rice cakes. They are amazingly soft and tasty after a whole day, no need to bake to put into お雑煮=o-zoni, our new-year soup.

Still Hard


… to eat they are. Mei-Shun’s elder sister kindly send a box of pears the other day. It takes a long time to ripe, let her wait with watering mouth. On the other hand, our backyard gingko suddenly turned yellow. She cleaned half of the eastern balcony while just prepared to do another. Nearly an hour later, here are prettier ones spread on “令”, kanji of 2019.

Back to the …


Weight at the point of no return Mei-Shun came. Or less half bag of sugar, made her rejoice. She chose calvados again for dinner dessert, had no problem this time. Dear handmade cakes by mom-in-law stored in a freezer, please wait a little more. She would be happy to see you once a week, in the morning after she checks herself on a scale at previous night returning from the horsey riding club.

Handmade trail mix, a fiasco

Joy at Kyoto: 2


As Mikan-chan meowed on Friday, Shin and Mei-Shun stayed in the ancient capital of our country on weekend. One of their many purposes was to dine at 畑かく where ぼたん鍋, wild pork simmered in an earthen pot is served during its hunting season from this month to March. They dropped in 月餅屋 to purchase two baskets filled with cute delicacies; one for themselves, while another for Kaori-san.

Happy Lollipop


Welcome into Mei-Shun’s mouth. Yes, she made it, yet maybe for only a moment like Hayabusa Asteroid Probe made a touch-down on Ryugu. After the gastroscopy last week, she went home and had normal supper. Since it was a single meal passing breakfast and lunch, just two fingers of calvados with a tiny piece of cake and fruits were served as dessert. And … everything had gone.

All dots gone, too

Point of …


No return Mei-Shun stands right now. She visited a clinic in 六本木, Tokyo today for a whole health check. There she found just a bag of sugar still stays around her waist. Well, that makes good motivation to continue her current methods. They have been proved successful since she lost several bags in half an year, from the end of April. She would say good-bye to the last one soon.

Please wait a bit more, babies.