Happy Lollipop


Welcome into Mei-Shun’s mouth. Yes, she made it, yet maybe for only a moment like Hayabusa Asteroid Probe made a touch-down on Ryugu. After the gastroscopy last week, she went home and had normal supper. Since it was a single meal passing breakfast and lunch, just two fingers of calvados with a tiny piece of cake and fruits were served as dessert. And … everything had gone.

All dots gone, too

Point of …


No return Mei-Shun stands right now. She visited a clinic in 六本木, Tokyo today for a whole health check. There she found just a bag of sugar still stays around her waist. Well, that makes good motivation to continue her current methods. They have been proved successful since she lost several bags in half an year, from the end of April. She would say good-bye to the last one soon.

Please wait a bit more, babies.


Trick or Treat!


It was 3 weeks before when Shin brought cookies from the U.S.A. for Mei-Shun. However, she normally refrains from sweets aiming at a whole-body health check scheduled soon on November 5th. He does as well, yet his prohibition is more against a bowl of rice — his favorite. It is the reason why Pumpkin Patch is regularly consumed while Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake is still untouched.

A pumpkin made of horseshoes

Sweet Lunch


Mei-Shun went to a hair saloon for a cut in 高輪, Tokyo. After taking a comfortable  hour, she walked to 麻布茶房 to meet Shin. They worked for the same company sited nearby years before, used to visit this cafe together. Oh, here comes a cute cup and saucer. Following below is actually a meal instead of a dessert for the couple in weight control, with lower calories.

Big Fig


Thank you so much, Aunt K. She is the best cook, wife of Mei-Shun’s eldest uncle of father’s side. Still getting along with her sister-in-law, this aunty kindly sends handmade foods including following delicacy to MS’s mother every year. “But they are in the biggest bottles so far”, she emailed to her younger daughter. “Prepare the strongest bag to take one home”.

Yes, she did.


No Sweets


Flowers are better as souvenir for you, mom-in-law. Mei-Shun visited her mother’s home today, confirmed that the latter is fine. They chatted on lunch and ohagi, rice ball coated with sweetened red-bean paste, of her handmade as dessert. She knows her younger daughter never rejects this delicacy for equinox, even if her weight is not well controlled. Well, actually it is.

And healthy you, cotton candy.

Best of 2019


In the fruits field follows below. Her name is “Pizzuttelo Bianco”, from “pizzuto” in Italian meaning “pointed”. That really makes sense: she is also called “Lady’s Finger”. For Mei-Shun, it tastes lighter than “Shining Muscat”, made a debut a few years before to become quite popular these days. Both of them were included in big 4 boxes of gifts for Shin.