Full of Flower


Meow, here are gifts mom received for yesterday’s celebration. Some from herself are included, yet does not matter. Purr, she told holding me on the sofa about her recent decision to limit sweets only on Saturdays. That’s why you keep them wrapped up, yet I saw one of them opened by dad. And you join him? Because tasty duration for these chocolate-coated 餡子=anko, sweetened bean paste is short? I see, go meahead.

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White Day


It is called in our country, after a month from Chocolate — oops, St. Valentine’s Day. Yes, Mei-Shun prefers chocolat blanc, yet found the fact lately that there are several foods which stop her appetite. One of them is a piece of dark chocolate. It seems to function like a cup of coffee or green tea; bitter component might be shared among them, reset her tongue.

Thanks to Prof. M.

Many Other


冨貴寄 is sold, Mei-Shun found for the first time. After visiting her mother’s home, she dropped in 遊中川, a nice shop of Japanese arts and crafts located in Ueno Station. They display round cans named all the same as ones from 菊廼舎. Well, “fu-ki-yo-se” sounds like our verb to mean “blow together”. It just makes sense to call assorted rice crackers, candies and cookies so.

Tulip babies assorted by mom-in-law.


Joy? of Diet: 2


Shin, tortured by cedar pollen these days, reserved complete medical checkup in summer. He and Mei-Shun would go to a clinic in Tokyo, examined from the top of the head to the bottom of feet. The wife has never taken a brain test, quite interested in. Now her appointment with Dr. A is at the end of July, another X-day was set. She will do her best, treat herself to the biggest 冨貴寄 can on the day after success.

Apple juice would be all right in the morning.

Enjoy Chocolate


Mei-Shun contacted her favorite maker already in January. It is interesting that St. Valentine’s Day has seen various trend in Japanese society, while almost nothing has changed in her mind. Please help yourself, Shin, she cannot join you. Since she has allowed a kind of flabbergasted eating for 2 weeks, a whole bag of sugar was found around her waist. She decided to oust it as soon as possible.

N-chan, please help dieter Mei-Shun.

Sweet Flower


Following below is 梅=ume, plum blossom along a lane toward parking space of our horsey riding club. It is so cute, yet rare to see such a short tree: we have to bend our back to feel sweet scent. Another is brown sugar candy with pieces of dried salty plum topped, sold at a restaurant. Soooo tasty, with packing technology which might a bit surprise many Japanese consumers including Mei-Shun.

After 3Y + 45Wks


Thank you so much, Dr. A. She gave Mei-Shun an “Yes” phone call yesterday. Of course from the hospital, therefore after a snowfall on Saturday. Please take good care of yourself, A-sensei, it is sincere wish of your ex-inpatient. And another gratitude to mom-in-law who kindly cooked お赤飯, red-bean rice thanks to above white weather. It was served on your daughter-in-law’s table for celebration.