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Children’s Day has come. It represents 柏餅=kashiwa-mochi and 粽=chimaki sweets for Shin and Mei-Shun, rather than streamers shaped like carps or samurai armors and helmets. We also have 立夏=rikka, the 1st of summer 二十四節気 today. It should mean a beginning of dry, comfortable season full of sunlight, yet too stormy to go outdoors this year. Above couple decided to make stay-home exemplar.

Cold Counter


So one of Mei-Shun’s favorite months started. A bit cold this morning before 6 : 00 when she got up to see Mikan-chan, living room temperature was under 20 degrees Celsius. Mr. Blue still gives good jobs, immediately warm them enough to let the latter relax on the sofa while the former prepare breakfast and bath for Shin. Thanks a lot for dining out yesterday to enjoy German dishes and beer.

Dangerous Delicacy


Mei-Shun recently devised a fascinating menu. She cooks salad almost every day for Shin, using oil and spice left on the bottom of a bowl as sauce for rice with mixed grains. One day an idea came to her — it is like another salad or fried rice. Here is a bag of easy powder for the latter. How would it work when spread with sesame oil on rice? Well, a new arrival of めし泥棒, she can never stop chopsticks!

Icy Interest


In our country, “ice cream” has 15% or more milk solid including 8% or more fat. 10% of the former while 3% of the latter for “ice milk”. Well then, it might be better to choose milk rather than cream when you are involved in weight control like Mei-Shun. However, there is no difference in calories of さくら=sakura, cherry blossom flavor and 桜小豆=sakura azuki, sweet red-bean added.

Ibis Infants


They are called, Toki-no-ko from Niigata Prefecture wrapped in bluish green paper following below. Shin and Mei-Shun love such sweet balls made of white-bean jam and chocolate. Similar to 銀のすず or silver bells, shape of bird eggs has another type; little orbs of cake including かもめの玉子 and 雷鳥のたまご, while with chocolat-coating as well.

Sakura Sweets


So Mei-Shun saw one bag of sugar around the waist yesterday. She knows why, happy white-day gifts came from Professor K and Shin. Both of them are on the list of her favorite; 銀の鈴 or white-bean-jam balls coated with chocolate, while a special cake made only 7 per day by 玻璃絵洋菓子工房. Rice-porridge method, please help her who ordered various cups of ice cream to arrive next Friday.

Flowery Flavor


Here one of Mei-Shun’s favorite low-calorie sweets follows. It is 葛湯, kudzu-root tea with silky texture and light sugariness. When she received a lunch box cooked by gentle Ms. S, a tiny pink bag was attached to omelet sandwiches, a tomato and a bottle of lemon juice. This 名取 liked it so much that she ordered 22 from a confectioner in Aichi Prefecture. Oh, white ones also have salted cherry flower within.

Lovely little 葛湯=kudzu-root tea bags



Control Conclusion


Mei-Shun reviewed her eating methods, regarding sweets and alcohol especially. 1) Breakfast full of sweets would be all right after a day of good perspiration, while never the same at dinner. 2) When she has dinner accompanied by alcohol, desserts should be fruits only. Lunch therefore could be the best to include both beer and ice cream. 3) 1 tiny glass of sake is all different from 2 in normal size.

Sakura Yatsu-hashi fm Kyoto

Confusing Control: 1


Mei-Shun actually experienced a roller coaster of weight in recent 2 weeks. After exaltation at her goal numbers on a scale, she burst into party eating. It is never easy to get out of, continued a few more days. One bag of sugar was then found added around her waist a week later. She refrained from alcohol and sweets, yet felt a bit tired on weekend. Just one sip of plum wine would be fine.

Shin’s souvenir from Hokkaido

Doll Festival


Mei-Shun loves it, mainly for simple and lovely sweets including ひなあられ=hina-arare, 白酒=shiro-sake, etc. The former is white, pink and green-colored puffed rice coated with sugar, while the latter white sake. Oh, she found it is different from 甘酒=ama-sake; 白 is alcoholic using もち米=special rice for cake, yet 甘 alcohol-free made of normal one.

Mom-in-law’s ちらし鮨=chirashi-sushi