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Here mom-in-law cooked red-bean rice. Since today is Respect for the Elderly Day, we should have celebrated it for her. However, it was she who did it by herself. Simmered vegetable and chicken, baked cheese cake were also served. Mei-Shun really admires her tough mindset — it is not always easy to prepare for your own commemoration. Oh, how good they taste except the desert of horrible calories!

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Shall We?


… go to a sushi shop for lunch, Mei-Shun told mom-in-law on Friday. “I’ve already finished it”, she replied, “how about going for dinner?” Well, it might be inconvenient for the former who is quite getting along on 8-hour carbo method. However, laziness toward weekend let her start breakfast around 10 : 30 — rather brunch. Why doesn’t she put priority on happy face of the latter?

Finished by 18 : 30, making sense.



Yesterday, Mei-Shun met Shin in that port city. They often drove to there for a museum, hotels and China Town while living in Tokyo, yet almost stopped it after moving into Ibaraki. Since the husband had a meeting, the wife used trains behind a few hours. It was interesting to watch one of the most populated area in our country, where Shinkansen bullet trains pass in a second.

Moon cake box Shin brought home from Taiwan

Angelic Sweeteners


Dieter Mei-Shun realized that she is quite fond of sweet drinks, including coffee and tea to add sugar by herself. Or it might not be correct, because this sweet friend of her is a bit too caloric to get along every day. Here artificial ones like acesulfame K, aspartame, sucralose and erythritol while extracts from natural plants like stevia, monk fruit and xylitol help.

Kind 10 kcal per 100ml, muscat-flavor green tea

Another Half


Here 水無月=minazuki, annual delicacy for Shin and Mei-Shun follows below. Since the husband is still in Las Vegas, the wife took his role to enjoy half of it besides her own — two tasty triangles. It means to wish health and happiness in latter half of the year on June 30th, a custom originated from Kyoto. Above couple loves to visit this ancient capital, while to try pretty sweets there.

Great Tea


It is a gift from Mei-Shun’s mother. After she welcomed her younger daughter at home, they often drop in a tea shop on the way to the nearest station. Interestingly, green tea of the lowest price tastes the best. According to the shop owner, it is because we tend to use more leaves than expensive ones. Well then, how this master’s handmade works? Here is seasonal delicacy, the best fit for a cup of green tea.

Purple Farewell


Thank you so much, Shin, for bringing home one of your wife’s favorite foods — Mei-Shun really loves honey. These are from wisteria, so rare in quantity that cannot be drawn into the market. It reminds them of Dreamer, black-brown beauty who passed away in the end of April. Wild wisteria bloomed very well this spring, as if fringed her road to the heaven.