Autumn Appetite


Here is 芋ケンピ= deep-fried and sugar-coated sweet potato. Mei-Shun enjoys it by various makers, continues to compare one with another. This time they are processed in Kumamoto, where one of her favorite mascots Kuma-mon comes from. Not so sweet, makes her try more. What a temptation, when she would like to put off 2 bags of sugar within this year!

Sweet cat gives Ghirardelli-mini chocolate calories.

Joy in Miyagi: 4


竹泉荘 has beautiful 有田焼 dishes served at 竈神=Kamajin, their only and the best restaurant, while lovely glasses were also available for sake. Mei-Shun chose one for dinner, felt quite interested in a souvenir shop next to a small gallery. Shin did as well, visited there in early morning. They decided to bring home a pair of chopsticks rest shaped like flowers with different number of petals.

Hi, Hanako


Shin and Mei-Shun met her at 鹿乃子 Japanese sweets shop in Ginza on weekend. It was so sunny and hot that they took there かき氷=shaved ice with syrup and みつ豆=algae jelly with sweet simmered peas after strolling from 維新號. Satisfied and cooled down, Shin went downstairs for payment followed by his wife who recognized something calling her from right side.

Japanese Culture@wkday


Mei-Shun visited her mother’s home to celebrate お彼岸=(o)-higan, a week with Autumnal/Vernal Equinox Day in the middle, helping the latter make ohagi. Her late father, who was the second boy of an old family in Kyushu, loved this Japanese sweets from his childhood. He missed it for a while after coming to Tokyo, felt so happy when his young bride served handmade ones.

Mom’s hagi

Our hagi

Parfait or Sundae


Mei-Shun read several sites mentioning the difference between these similar desserts, found a clear answer. “Parfait” comes from French to mean a perfect dessert; layered ice cream, fruit/chocolate sauce and whipped cream with cornflakes on the top. “Sundae” used to be sold on Sundays; ice cream decorated by various toppings. Well, which would you like, or would you mind choosing one?

Princess Follows


Here Mei-Shun received 黄貴妃, another yellow peach Shin ordered from the same grower of 黄金桃. Clearly making a pun, the name refers to 楊貴妃=Yoki-hi, famous beauty of ancient China with above pronounced Oki-hi in Japanese. Since they were packed and sent still a bit pre-matured, several days are required until sweet scent and softness arrive.

Chocolate End


Thanks to a not-so-bad figure on the scale, Mei-Shun treated herself to ice cream after lunch. However, since one of her best friends Professor M abstains from both alcohol and sweets by his physician’s advice, they were unable to share joy of “Devil’s Chocolate Parfait”. By the way, this site to feature dance, cat and music has been occupied by desserts for these serial three days to conclude August!

Getting bigger.