Pretty Purr


We have 小寒=sho-kan, the 5th of winter 二十四節気 today. They say the coldest months 寒=kan would start, while I enjoy warm hands and legs of mom on the sofa as usual. Why are you in a kind of fidget? Oh, it is birthday of her mom-in-law as well, surprising flowers are waited to arrive. How about a cake? Not reserved this year, because dad is on a diet.

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Japanese Culture@holiday


Yesterday was 1122, called “good married couple’s day” reading these numbers in Japanese yi-yi-fu-fu. Mei-Shun contacted members of 紫苑会, group of Aster tataricus named after their high school, including Kaori-san. Her exhibition weeks held so far in Kyoto have covered this date, let Shin and Mei-Shun go on a happy one-night trip to there to see above artist and her husband Mr. M.

Her works outdoors

New Moon


Lunar August starts from today. It is also 八朔=hassaku, a timing to prepare for typhoons like 二百十日 and 二百二十日 counted from 立春=risshun, the first of 二十四節気. Well, not a storm but a tropical cyclone might come up to cover Kanto Area. Mei-Shun visited the club to dance with Princess Maria, Mr. Hallelujah Sunday and Mr. Tea Time, perspired enough to see her goal weight at night.


New Life


Mei-Shun’s 4 grapefruit pots finally moved onto the ground. After a butterfly safely departed from one of them, a mother laid eggs on another. However, it seemed difficult for those 3 babies to survive since their bed was already used, with only poor leaves left. Mei-Shun therefore brought them down to the garden where a kumquat tree is planted. Mom-in-law found her and kindly asked if she could be a help.

Half-year Prayer


Yes, this is a kind of special day for Shin and Mei-Shun. Six years have passed since they made it a rule to enjoy 水無月=minazuki, our way to call June while following delicacy popular in Kansai area. Cut into two triangles, the couple share it by another half; thanking one for allowing happy and safe life to them, keeping the other in the freezer to see later when they succeed in weight control.

Happy Birthday


To you, Shin, just one day before. Mei-Shun has already got ready for his favorite chiffon cake. Chatting on a sukiyaki pan and this handmade dessert, the couple are looking forward to seeing a beautiful full moon at night. By the way, we have 芒種=boshu, the 3rd of summer 二十四節気 today. It means a timing to plant rice and wheat, yet a month late in our modern eras.

He rushes back home fm 松山.

Welcome Back


Ms. Scarlet was renewed by four tyres. Cost performance much improved, handling lightened. Thank you so much, Shin who always gives priority to safety of Mei-Shun. And same to you, Momo-chan who has bloomed at the end of several branches. Popular cherry breed 染井吉野 in Tokyo is expected to do tomorrow, so it is you who won the first blossom of the year.

First Riding


It is on you, Princess Maria. How have you been during year-end and new-year vacation? Quite short for you from Dec. 31 to Jan. 2 while between Dec.27 and Jan. 5 for this mom. A staff said you look like rice cake, which is one of the reasons why she added one bag of sugar around waist. Others include a birthday cake for her mom-in-law, handmade red-bean rice, etc.

Inedible, just cute


Hi, Daddy


Shin and Mei-Shun visited mother’s home of the latter today. She has one happy matter to report — her beloved father came back. That means 蝋梅=robai, Chimonanthus praecox descended from mom’s garden bloomed on his birthday January 1st. He must have reached 82 years old to enjoy golf, trekking and painting. Still, welcome back to us on such a cute, shining little flower.

Joy at Kyoto: 4


So this is her 3rd exhibition, purr. Mom and dad made a one-night trip to see Kaori-san or こがしわかおり, Ms. Kogashiwa, Kaori. She is one of mom’s best friends from her high school days. Another was held in 神保町, Tokyo where mom also visited and brought a lovely girl to home on Monday. She told me other two would join us soon to celebrate Christmas together. Purr … purrr …

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