Waiting For …


Our ancestors she might be, a white lily at the shrine Shin and Mei-Shun walk to in the morning. It takes just a week for buds to be clearly recognized — three flowers could be seen on this stalk soon. Another pleasure of the couple was the luckiest omikuji, all the same in number and fortune they drew respectively.

Rice ears began to appear on the top of each green, attracting many blue dragonflies with little white flowers.



Joy at Kyoto: 3


What a humor of 二条城 administration staffers! Entrance tickets are called 入”場”券 at museums, amusement parks and railway stations in Japan while 入”城”券 here, pronounced the same yet the latter meaning a castle. Well, morning walkers like Shin and Mei-Shun passed by the front gate, which accommodated night guards in Edo Period (1603-1868), headed into the wide garden.

Pretty Peach


Mei-Shun loves them so much. She often says her favorite is Japanese cherry, yet the reason owes a great deal to lovely looking and such short time of the best like its blossom. As for taste, the former wins a triumph. Oh, how beautiful they are, with the sweetest scent! They are agricultural products, yet really artworks. Thanks a million, Shin, who knows well his wife is a fruit bat.



Back and Forth


As it has become sultry, I gave up taking a nap at roof floor moving down to stairs one by one. Purr, it is very nice to feel breeze from the west in the morning. However, just a few days since rainy season was over, dark clouds and humid air continue to accompany the sunrise. Even recent 大暑=taisho, the last of summer 二十四節気 failed to be the hottest. Season is going like mom’s diet, meow.

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After 2Y + 16Wks


Mei-Shun met Dr. A after 3 months from the previous appointment in spring. Diagnosis of current day was all right, while it would take 2-3 weeks to know results of check in blood sample as usual. If “Yes” phone call would come true, her next reservation will be fixed on October 31st when she would be happy to say “Trick or treat”. Oh, is it summer Day of Ox? Well, she prefers other fish in Tokyo tomorrow to eels today.


Joy at Kyoto: 2


Shin reserved a hotel in front of 二条城 this time. It is very nice to see such a popular sightseeing point through a window, avoiding crowd. Early in the morning, they enjoyed walking around the garden after breakfast. Another pleasure to stay here is a nice French restaurant “C’EST SYMPA“. They serve really beautiful dishes and wines for amazingly reasonable price, while net shopping is available.



Their Wisdom


Mei-Shun often heard that horseies’ ability to learn is the same as three-year-old human children’s. How do you feel at it, Ms. Amazones and Mr. Vanilla? Isn’t it so arrogant, or even rude of us to have such an idea? We are able to make our lives happy thanks to their tolerance. It might sound better to say that the way they allow their time to be used with grown-ups is like young kids.

Hello, Good-bye


2017 rainy season has gone, according to weather forecasts. However, an official declaration sounded to Mei-Shun a bit too early, lacking enough rainfall — only around half quantity compared to the average they say, that can be called empty or 空梅雨=kara-tsuyu. With thunderstorm at night for these days, she wonders if it managed to make ends meet. Let’s continue to save our precious water.




How long has Mei-Shun left him alone? Dripping accident occurred in … February. She went up to the roof floor accompanied by a repairer, gave a glance at dry, brown Mr. Banana pot. And she found it grown up in healthy green this morning. Oh, you have a younger brother. Great to see you again. Kindly let us express the best gratitude while sincere respect for your survival.