Joy of White


Mei-Shun loves flowers from the end of this month to all through next; hydrangea, orange, cape jasmine, iris, etc. However, she forgot your name, darling of early rainy season in the nearest shrine garden. May she call you Lady Veil? And oh, it was you, one of Siamese twins. She thought a white-hair lady is working here, hurried to a handkerchief in a pocket to cover her mouth.

Deep Breath


It is one of the best sights around here for Mei-Shun: green paddy full of young rice. Wild ducks already come, yet queen egrets and king herons seem to wait a little more until it gets taller and greener enough to hide them. Now she is ready to draw two omikuji lots, one for Shin and the other for herself. Oh, 大吉=dai-kichi, the luckiest he got and 吉=kichi, lucky she did.


CU Sakura


Mei-Shun walked to the nearest shrine after almost a month. A few 染井吉野 cherry flowers, thanks a lot for staying to say good-bye to her. She is quite sure to greet you attached to Gods again here. Oh, you reminds her of your pretty sister 八重桜=yae-sakura, petal-layered cherry in 乙戸沼 Park. All right, she would visit them after seeing her home dermatologist Dr. I.



Yes, it is such a season. Mei-Shun means that there are a lot of 凶=kyo, the worst luck in the omikuji box at the nearest shrine. That might be because the priest would like to make more visitors happier in January: if they draw bad lots on New Year Day, and shrine maidens have to hand gloomy pieces of paper to them, following year would seem lugubrious for both of them.

Listen to U


We have 処暑=shosho, the 2nd of autumnal 二十四節気 today. Well, partly thanks to successive rainfall from Tuesday, heat wave over 35 degrees Celsius seems to have gone. It serves Mei-Shun who feels something sacred to see rice paddy full of ears along the lane leading to the Gods’ place. And oh, beautiful white lily, you have a brave heart to stand against gale by the typhoon.

Bloom Soon


Following below is lilies in the garden of the nearest shrine. They always show pretty white flowers, let Mei-Shun walk toward here to see. However, it was a bit too late to greet Gods: the door was already closed. And she bought a box of bath aroma with lily scent by chance at night. Really the last box on the shelf of a drug store, might call her who believes a saying 残り物には福がある, the last one means the best.

Can you believe we have 立秋=risshu, the 1st of autumnal 二十四節気 today?

Crispy Chance


Lunar June starts from today. Clouds have been too thick to see the moon at night, yet it does not matter tonight. Mei-Shun feels lucky to have rainfall stop from yesterday afternoon, meant to walk but ride to the nearest shrine after 3-week respite. We have what current season is this year, that is all right. So she made a simple wish to Gods: please save us all on the Japanese archipelago.

Going So-so


Mei-Shun means her diet. She resumed walking to the nearest shrine at least 4 days a week, with the latest omikuji lot says:

The 20th Lucky: those who see this lot would find light in the dark like a bright moon. Still, watch steps forward and Gods would give protection to reach happiness.

狛犬 couple A-chan and N-chan, could you bring her half-lucky one to your master?

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Tea Time


Oh, not regarding you, handsome boy. It was served at a beauty saloon the other day when Mei-Shun visited there for hair dye. A piece of cake has accompanied it years before, yet it is not for her in sweets austerity right now. Instead of snack full of sugar, she chooses nuts, popcorn and dried fruits; half-handmade trail mix between classes in the afternoon.

Already Harvested


Yes, they have already done it. Mei-Shun walked to the nearest shrine after months of interval on the last day of September. Along the lane, she found clear-cut rice paddy grown up into the second green. “Red rice” began to show lovely seeds, while a few spider lilies have kindly waited for her greeting. Gods softly chided her laziness with 末吉=the least lucky omikuji lot.