Silent Saver


So we would see the first full moon of lunar 2021 tomorrow. It is a bit cloudy from this morning, relieves Mei-Shun of hanging futon mats outdoors. Almost no sunlight, yet open windows for fresh air. It has become one of new customs to avoid infection of the novel coronavirus. She heard that less people passed away in our country last year, partly thanks to such manners perhaps.

No Nocturne


Mei-Shun’s horsey riding club always airs classical music. There may be a radio program featuring famous scores like “The Nutcracker” composed by Master Tchaikovsky, “Carmen” by Master Bizet, etc. Today’s menu had all piano pieces including that dulcet score by Master Chopin. It reminded her repertoire to try at home, made a disastrous result.

Ms. Red Plage

Spring Special


Another pink and green have come to follow strawberry. Mei-Shun is a lover of 桜=sakura, cherry who cannot stop purchasing flavor of those flower and fruit. On the other hand, 抹茶=powdered green tea often accompanies 桜 sweets. It might mean to lead us to image of 野点=nodate, tea party held outdoors. It was inhibited last year under cherry trees, cordially wished soon.

Fragrant Flower


Following 蝋梅=robai, Chimonanthus praecox descends from hands of Mei-Shun’s beloved father. Original tree planted by him blooms in late December, gives mother one of ornaments for every new year. However, this prodigy in their younger daughter’s garden seems to have two different families within a body; one with round petals and blossom in Dec., the other layered stars in February.

Prettiest Purr


Meow, it is my special day comes only once a year. Mom purchased a 半纏 kimono coat, full of my friends and sushi to give me her older one. She would not put it on when practices or takes lessons of kabuki dance like today, just to relax at home. And it is my job as well, taking a nap with soft-touch colleagues on the sofa … hi, welcome back, smooth me who kept a good girl while you were out. Purr … purrr …


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Dessert Day


Oh, what is going on? Mei-Shun poured green tea on a bowl of rice cracker, instead of a cup. She actually saw successful numbers on a scale yesterday, after dancing with Ms. Sagittarius and Princess Maria. Today therefore serves for party breakfast, lunch and dinner. Ms. Piano and 舞扇=fan for kabuki dance, sorry for missing you two. Practice will resume from tomorrow.

First heart-shape


Circular Custom


It seems good for Mei-Shun to take alcohol once or twice a week at supper. She used to drink much at almost every party, sometimes failed with hangover next morning. However, just a tiny glass of sake makes not only better feeling of taste but also in stomach. Now she finished Shin’s souvenir 山花 from Nagano, another calvados is ready after replenishing current one carrying an apple grown within its bottle.

Thank Thee


Mei-Shun cut elder Princess Cymby today. An instruction to grow this breed recommends to do so after blossom for 80 – 90 days, in order to keep bulbs healthy. Younger lady would therefore reside in her throne toward April. She is really like an angel with wings of sunlight — oh, here comes another one whose coat is made of moonlight.

Oh? Who is lying behind?

Sweet Strawberry


Mei-Shun’s best of spring 2021 follows below, pink muffin with covering of biscuit dough and filling of whipped cream. Many people in our country seem to love this flavor, both natural and artificial. Such products become available at supermarkets around the middle of January, continue to stay till the beginning of March which accommodates Doll’s Festival on 3rd.

Father Found


Shin and Mei-Shun walked to the nearest shrine yesterday. Yes, on the 3rd of lunar January, the chief priest was sitting at a reception desk. The wife therefore purchased a 破魔矢=hamaya, arrow to break the evil with 丑 meaning Ox, symbol of 2021. She did the same 12 years before, wishing Gods to protect dad whose 干支 was this one. Please give a kind shelter to your children this time.