Second Resonance


We have 大寒=daikan, the last and coldest of 二十四節気 today. However, it has been so warm for a few days that Mei-Shun felt really comfortable walking to the nearest shrine. To her surprise, the priest sat still in the main building. She had to ask him omikuji lots instead of helping herself. No.8 大吉=dai-kichi, the luckiest for Shin. What would come next for her?

All the same, as they had on NY Day.

Teeth First


Mei-Shun visited her home dentist Dr. M today. After a regular check last month, she should have finished it within 2019. However, her careless nature put necessary insurance card somewhere else instead of usual place. She looked and looked for it, took up 30 minutes to drive. This time everything went fine, let her make a new-year greeting to the doctor.

Hi, Daddy


Shin and Mei-Shun visited mother’s home of the latter today. She has one happy matter to report — her beloved father came back. That means 蝋梅=robai, Chimonanthus praecox descended from mom’s garden bloomed on his birthday January 1st. He must have reached 82 years old to enjoy golf, trekking and painting. Still, welcome back to us on such a cute, shining little flower.

Akemashite Omedeto


Meow, a happy new year. Mom told me that 2020 sounds like my voice, while I think Japanese has to wait 3030 (pronounced meow-meow). Here our day is set on coming February 22nd with three 2s, dog’s day on November 1st with three 1s (wow-wow-wow). Mom said 11th is better, yet four 1s do not look suitable to me without 22nd month on the solar calendar.

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From Kyoto


Thanks a million, Shin, a hard worker even on weekends. Following are his souvenirs including 縮緬山椒=chirimen sansho, dried anchovy and Japanese pepper and 千枚漬=sen-mai-zuke, 聖護院 horseradish pickles by Mei-Shun’s request. And the best is a bag of cute, round rice cakes. They are amazingly soft and tasty after a whole day, no need to bake to put into お雑煮=o-zoni, our new-year soup.

Hello, Teddy


Shin brought home boxes of cookies and tea bags from Hong Kong. His client made a queue to purchase the former, quite popular for decades. Oh, lovely bears prepare for coming lunar new year. Four flavors of shortbreads are within, full of butter. Light texture, not too sweet. Mei-Shun’s favorite is “coffee”, tube-pressed and brown. As to tea, “silver moon” is the best for her among six.

New Moon


Yesterday was so busy for Shin and Mei-Shun; solar eclipse culminated around 10:00, lunar December started with 朔, 小寒=shokan, the 5th of winter 二十四節気 which means beginning of the coldest season. Well, well, anyway, they walked to the nearest shrine for the 2nd greeting to Gods. And the wife decided her 2019 goals; to gain a Spanish certificate, to take Japanese Instructor exam, and etc.

Eager to watch it safely.