Brilliant Assignment


Mei-Shun pulled out Venetian beads which Professor S gave her several years before. When they met on weekend before last, the former put on a necklace designed by herself while kindly finished up by the latter lady. It was so much a pleasing experience that she felt like doing it again. Now, this most unique one would be her next challenge. Since many shades are included, it might require a kind of color dilution.

After 4Y + 17Wks


Thanks to half an year Dr. A gave Mei-Shun at the end of January, more than 4 years have already passed since the ex-inpatient almost forgot the disease. Smart phone schedule reminded her of today’s appointment with the doctor, who said in winter that they would see again when it becomes hot. Well, not only being pretty and gentle, she is also a great fortune teller.

Bonjour, mademoiselle.



Summer’s Come!


10 days are said to be the hottest in our country, after the end of rainy season. It really seems to Mei-Shun — news this morning informed us that the long-stayed front (delayed 8 days from average, amazing 30 days compared to last year!) has finally left Kanto Area. Heat wave and humidity descend toward the Japanese archipelago at the same time, more and more cities hit nearly 35 degrees Celsius.

Going into her 5th month, keeps fresh



Typhoon Soon


Mei-Shun went to a nearby hair saloon this morning. It was really hot with grilling sunlight, made her run from shadow to shadow between 5-minute walk to there. Rainy season seemed to have gone, yet it still stays around Kanto Area where Nari, the 6th typhoon of this year targets as a goal. According to weather forecasts, it would give heavy rainfall on weekend.

Snowfall on a cup and saucer

Catch It


Meow, it has finally become comfortable for me. Dad starts an air conditioner of his study early in the morning to cool himself down after taking a bath, while mom perspires in the living room until 10 o’clock. My best place therefore changes from 広縁, wooden indoor veranda of their Japanese-style bedroom to the study. She opens wider window, closes a screen attached to let outdoor air come in. Purr …

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Fly Away


Mei-Shun found the pupa stayed at the porch already empty this morning. Yes, Shin told her last night that its color changed from bright green to brown at the bottom. So a beautiful swallowtail butterfly was safely born here. Which of you flying above our garden is the one? Anyway, let her pick up this shell to dry and keep as an amulet. Oh-oh, it sticks to the wall so tightly that requires scissors to remove.

Japanese Culture?


We have 大暑=taisho, the 6th of summer 二十四節気 today. However, Mei-Shun wonders it really is — it means continuous clear and sultry days. We are still in rainy season this year, quite longer than usual. Cool weather might be kind for housewives, while her favorite futon drying in sunlight has little chance with such humidity. And so does outdoor activity, making her focus on indoor ones.

Your color is too soon, dragonfly.