Three Women


… gathered at mother’s home today. Elder sister of Mei-Shun was off business by chance, rarely joined other two. Lively chat makes lunch tastier, would never end if anyone hesitates to say that she has to leave. The youngest tends to wait until mother mentions time, while the younger had already told her about an appointment. It was a happy, yet only two-hour party.

The pupa is well, supported by two threads.

Golden Horsey


Shin and Mei-Shun drove to a museum in 水戸 on weekend to see the crown trimmed with horse-shape metal beads found in 三昧塚 ancient grove. On the ground floor, you can enjoy putting on a replica set around a black cap. Another mock-up more similar to the real one is exhibited in a glass box upstairs, accompanied by a pair of earrings. Beautiful full moon, they shine just like you.

Green Friends


Hello, little frog. Mei-Shun saw you pop in grasses grown at the bottom of a gate she uses to stretch her legs before walking toward the nearest shrine. Now heading to there, rice paddy welcomed her in a refreshing shade. Caused by cool weather, it looks a bit delayed in growth — leaves only, no ears. Cucumber, okra, melon, many summer vegetables and fruits also do.

Color of the Sea


It is Marine Day today, often equivalent to the start of summer vacation for school children. Here Mei-Shun received her watch fixed perfectly. Since blue belt on the right was broken, she asked replacement by similar one. So beautifully done, she is quite satisfied. Thank you very much, Shin. It was one of gifts from him before they married, to match her engagement ring with a sapphire.



Mei-Shun’s latest omikuji lot drawn at the nearest shrine is 吉=kichi, lucky while the one Shin brought home for her yesterday from Yamaguchi Prefecture 中吉=chu-kichi, luckier. Getting better, the former says she would recover from diseases if she stay watchful; the latter she should not take care too much. As for examinations, it would take time; she should improve her laziness and set the goal ASAP.

錦帯橋, Kin-tai Bridge

Pretty & Tough


Mei-Shun found a butterfly baby on the wall of front porch last night. No leaf around it, alone, looked a bit bizarre under lamp light. His/her intention was clear, to grow into an adult to fly from here. In this morning, it was safe with yellowish shade. And it took only a few hours to make a green pupa. Mademoiselle Vert, you keep blooming for amazing 4 months. Please give your power to that tiny soul.

Dr. to Dr.


Mom, mom, I did well in the restroom. Why didn’t you see it soon to say good girl to me? Meow, you look tired. Where have you been so far? Appointments with a dentist and an  ophthalmologist consecutively, from 9 : 30. That’s the reason for your rushing out while washing cube was still humming. I see, then it’s my turn to say the same to you, on your legs. Purr … purrrr …

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