White Beauty


Hello egret, great to see you here again. You might be a harbinger toward better omikuji lots drawn at the shrine Mei-Shun often walks to. It was 吉=kichi, lucky for herself while 大吉=dai-kichi, the luckiest for Shin. On the other hand, the former seems quite similar to previous 末吉=sue-kichi, the least lucky which said, “Worship Gods staying honest, and soon clouds will leave to let you see brilliant moonlight.

Effective Lesson


When Mei-Shun forgets how to play a score on Ms. Piano, it looks like a chance to her. Since fingering so far has been reset, she can try from scratch to find out better way. “Pavane …” is a good example, left behind Masters Bach and Debussy. And it seems that memory to play that musical instrument is saved not only in brain, directly connected with eyes but also in 10 fingers with necessary muscles.


Friendly Food


Following below is a bag of ottotto, salty crisp shaped like fish which Mei-Shun likes from childhood. Thanks to packaging, calories per serving is so clear that she feels a kind of safe. Such products are for little kids, including other cookies and rice crackers, yet work very well for this adult dieter. Mom-in-law is also much helped by baby dishes, easily available compared with those for elderly persons.

Very rare to see them.

Vegetable flavor joined!

Happy Call


Yes, it was from Master Bando whose husband passed away last year, on the date of 邦楽発表会. Mei-Shun now plans to visit her home soon for a chat and kimono cleaning. By the way, Shin advised his wife that “Japanese dance” might sound vague to foreign people. His idea is to name it after the origin: it would be more understandable if called “kabuki dance”.

Made Pool


Both Shin and Mei-Shun deserved drops from the ceiling. It was caused by flood on the roof floor. Drain was clogged by dust which came from vegetable pots the former set there years before, while the latter never cleaned up. Since they were made of paper, broken little by little with rainwater and snow, spreading filled soil. It crawled into corners to work as plugs, yet removed by a kind repairer.

Not inundated, just ready to plant.

Thorny Friends


You are getting bigger and bigger year by year, mother cactus. Stronger than cold winter of our country, powerful enough to hold so many babies on edge. Some of your thick fans look like Mickey Mouse with a crown between his ears. Next to you is another breed who has a lovely flower stem. Your respective way to grow is all different from each other, impressing watcher Mei-Shun.

I’m Home


Meow, mom finally let me in at night. It has been a war so far, especially these days when a fluffy stranger enters my territory, with intention to oust me. I therefore had to be wary not to meet him/her outdoors, giving up my bed of mom’s handmade. Tired and scared, I used to wait for morning, jump into indoors through shutter rolled up. Look, I’m so smart that know well my restroom is ready on the ground floor.

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Returned Luck?


It might be, tiny gold frog. When Mei-Shun picked up winter clothes at a laundry, you came back in a plastic bag written “left in a pocket”. Shin and his wife drew the same omikuji lot at 橘寺 with you attached. Nobody knows which of the couple you belong to, yet anyway it means she nearly let you beat hard in a big machine. Is it the reason why her latest lots were 凶, the worst luck and 末吉, the least lucky?

Please take her deep apology, again.

Avoid Pool


Mei-Shun was astonished when she found a drop of her thumb size, from above. It is a long window beside a shower room that has become a tap. To tell the truth, she already  recognized a narrow stream on the left side of its frame, on snowy days so far. However, this morning saw another on the right side and — on the top as well. Since humid season soon comes, she must make a good preparation.

So Sorry


Mademoiselle Vert, it might be better that Mei-Shun stops bringing you beside her pillow at night. Actually on holidays, she often sleep twice in the morning. Her first job is to open the door of Mikan-chan’s cage. After cleaning and feeding, she takes care of herself, puts several curlers on hair. Such items or ponytails could be a weapon for fragile flowers.

Please take her deep apology.