Nice Combination


Mei-Shun went to 高輪, Tokyo for a haircut. She actually has two hairdressers; one a woman who manages a saloon taking her 5 minutes walk from home, while another a man she enjoyed an excursion of one hour and a half on train to visit today. Both have excellent technique; with the former in charge of maintenance and sometimes makeup advice, the latter styling.

With green tea in green.


Turn Right


Mei-Shun has taken lessons on horseies going counterclockwise for over a whole year. Maybe because of it, she feels somehow weird within left groin these days. Earnest practice is important, yet too much could be pernicious. That seems to resemble typhoons which revolve ever-to-the-left, often give violent downpour rather than expected watering. So she asked Ms. I for good balance in a private, clockwise curriculum.

Powdered Banana


It is not a real one peeled, but works as a wedge to stop this door slamming. One day Shin found it covered with white sugar-like substance. Of course it never tastes sweet, Mei-Shun replied. Since it is one of the coolest places, she sometimes uses antiperspirant there after bath. And our diligent fan, who is humming almost from dawn to midnight, spreads anything in front of itself.



Meow, so they go around Kyoto streets under this wild sunlight today. Mom screams a little every time she sees weather forecasts these days. She makes it a rule to switch on living-room air conditioner at 10 : 00, open the shutter of dad’s study facing the east. Such a torrid summer is hard even for me who prefer natural hotness to artificially cooled room.

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Japanese Culture@holiday


Not only in our country, watermelons seem to be the most popular fruit in summer. Here is 金福=kin-fuku one grown specifically in Gifu Prefecture. With kin means “gold” while fuku “happiness” in Japanese, they are so loved by Hong Kong people that we must be in a hurry to order and enjoy them before exported. He is also satisfied, smiling to come to Shin and Mei-Shun.

Little Star


Oh, you are the one grown on Mei-Shun’s balcony, aren’t you? Whitish violet stays on every short stalk, shining at the bottom of cherry trees. Great to see you at 乙戸沼 Park again. Of course you have a real name, yet please let her call you after far-away asteres aplanis. Their light reach our mother earth traveling billions of years, just like you did to give a new life onto a withered flower plate.

Joy of Kyoto: 2


Cicadas are singing lively, quite sooner to get up compared to Kanto area. Shin and Mei-Shun’s favorite itinerary includes walking around the commodious garden of 二条城 in the morning, yet they chose to take a bus to 四条大橋 this time. On the way to 八坂神社, the wife found a statue of 出雲阿国=izumo-no-okuni who started kabuki. Ah, 南座 is here protected by you, Master.