Moon Missed


… in full shape, on Saturday when the atypical typhoon Jongdari hit Japanese Archipelago. It went from east to west, just opposite to normal, still continues to walk above southern Kyushu. However, cautious preparation in Kansai area worked very well this time, makes Mei-Shun feel relieved. We and Mars would be able to enjoy our propinquity tonight in clear sky.

Double rainbow in Okinawa. Copyright © 2018 Shin All Rights Reserved.


Ayu Season


Shin and Mei-Shun met at one of their favorite Japanese cuisine restaurant for lunch today. The biggest reason why the wife asked a favor of the husband follows below — grilled sweetfish. She would like to have it with him at least once in July, when fishing of this delicacy starts from the beginning. Oh, how dynamic it looks accompanied by 蓼酢=tade-su, herb-flavored vinegar.

Bread Only


Japanese has a lot of foreign words, shared by English the most, pronounced adding vowels to all syllables and ends. For example, “lemonade” is written and read in Roman letters as “le-mo-ne-do”, often makes no sense of that soft drink for native speakers. On the other hand, the flour-based staple food is called “pan”, coming from “pain” of French with milk (mi-ru-ku), butter (ba-ta) and jam (ja-mu) on your breakfast table.

Poor Whites


Vanilla-san, you cannot take part in classes from 10 : 30 to 16:00. Summer sunlight hurts you into gasps, although your coat is said to block it. Oh, you are also injured on the back, caused by your own perspiration and friction with leather saddles. Mei-Shun feels so sorry for reserving you in intensive gallop lessons. And Maria-chan, please do not hesitate to say that you are too exhausted to work.

Lunch Beer


Just a glass of it. Light alcohol in daytime makes Mei-Shun feel that grown-ups are privileged in a way. This is a brand quite popular, summer gift from a neighbor. Japanese beer is bitter compared to European products, or at least it seems so to her. She therefore prefers to use simple soda to dilute it into panaché. Red Eye with tomato juice is not bad, yet tastes like soup rather than cocktail.



They canceled 花傘巡行=hanagasa-junko, a parade including lively children carrying portable shrines, women in kimonos and hats with handmade flowers, geiko ladies, maiko girls and etc., in Kyoto to avoid dozens of heatstroke patients this year. Meow, mom and I agree with 八坂神社 who organizes Gion Festival, flexible enough to make such a clever decision.

Copyright © 2018 Mikan-chan All Rights Reserved.

Gecko Joins


Hello, darling, great to see you again. You visited Mei-Shun and her “student” who were dancing in yukata last Wednesday at a nearby community center, didn’t you? Well, we saw together 大暑=taisho, the 6th and last of summer 二十四節気 today. It normally represents earlier, yet bingo for current scorching weather — Tokyo recorded 40 degrees Celsius for the first time.