Crispy Chance


Lunar June starts from today. Clouds have been too thick to see the moon at night, yet it does not matter tonight. Mei-Shun feels lucky to have rainfall stop from yesterday afternoon, meant to walk but ride to the nearest shrine after 3-week respite. We have what current season is this year, that is all right. So she made a simple wish to Gods: please save us all on the Japanese archipelago.

Time to Relax


So it is the 3rd of our Golden Week serial holidays. Mei-Shun mainly stays at home while Shin on and off business, that depends. She heard that 60-70% adults would do the same as the wife during these 10 days. How many of those who mean to do similar to the husband are included in other 40-30%? Please take good care of yourselves, dear diligent workers.

Key items for healthy sleep

Left Alone


Meow, I kept a good girl last weekend. Dad and mom had gone while I was sleeping under her 半纏 kimono coat. Such time makes me feel so tense through day and night that it affects my body after a few days — the worst today. And things are worse with sick dad staying home. He takes mom from me to take care of, let her work who is not well either, hiss! Look at me, mom, in the restroom over and over.

Thanks lovely, to soothe her mind.

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First Horsey 2019


It is you, Mr. Tea Time. Actually, it should have been Maria-chan, yet she has her legs hurt. Have you seen that snow-white elder sister? She is really a sweet girl, keeps silent while we make her put on riding equipment. However, belt tightening is her only point to be furious. On the contrary, you are a perfect boy who is patient enough to stay quiet during all of our dressing.

Sudden Autumn


Meow, I heard from mom that we have 立秋=risshu, the first of autumn 二十四節気 today. It really means as another powerful typhoon approaches us, started to rain from last midnight. Since the mercury continued to hit around 40 degrees Celsius these days, I have been able to spare time to go into the restroom. However, such a rapid change of temperature makes my rear body busy …

Caught mom.

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Poor Whites


Vanilla-san, you cannot take part in classes from 10 : 30 to 16:00. Summer sunlight hurts you into gasps, although your coat is said to block it. Oh, you are also injured on the back, caused by your own perspiration and friction with leather saddles. Mei-Shun feels so sorry for reserving you in intensive gallop lessons. And Maria-chan, please do not hesitate to say that you are too exhausted to work.

Summer Sky


After they declared that rainy season looked to have left Kanto area at the end of June, the soonest on meteorological records, we really have torrid summer. Weirdly windy from early times, it has been all clear for several days in a row. Since Mei-Shun prefers quiet mornings, she is a bit tired of such a condition where no window could be opened to give stuffy rooms a good airing.