Joy of Stones: 2


Mei-Shun designed another necklace featuring a Venetian beads, as she reported the other day. Professor S put it on a special board, checked balance of color and atmosphere. “It would be better if calmed down by dark blue”, she said, picked up some lapis lazuli from her toolbox. Oh, she really means. Cute, dice-like stones removed amethysts from the first idea as well, enabled another pair of earrings.



Brilliant Assignment


Mei-Shun pulled out Venetian beads which Professor S gave her several years before. When they met on weekend before last, the former put on a necklace designed by herself while kindly finished up by the latter lady. It was so much a pleasing experience that she felt like doing it again. Now, this most unique one would be her next challenge. Since many shades are included, it might require a kind of color dilution.

Petite Réunion


Mei-Shun visited a beauty saloon in 高輪, Tokyo for a haircut and curling. It took 2 hours and a half, made her a bit tired in such humid air. However, she went ahead toward 吉祥寺 to meet Kaori-san who arranged dinner at “Épée”, a nice bakery-café. The former put off contact lens to enjoy conversation as much as possible, sharing several dishes with the latter.

Always accompanied by tasty bread.

Bang Bang


A campaign is becoming normal among cat fanciers in our country. During winter, stray cats tend to go into parked cars craving left warmth at night. We are therefore expected to pat our cars in the morning to wake them up before starting engine. Hey, Karin-chan, it is very dangerous to wait Mei-Shun under her car. She would be careful in returned coldness, so please stay within the clubhouse.

Mademoiselle Vert


Thank you so much, Professor S. Mei-Shun received a lovely orchid from that intelligent, yet soft-touch lady on Saturday. It was almost the same day when she kindly came to see the ex-inpatient at hospital 4 years before with a bouquet of colorful sweet peas. And it was also the brilliant timing when Ms. Yellow Card woke up from one-year nap to bloom again.

And Rain


We had 春一番=haru ichiban, the first southern wind blows between 立春 and 春分 on Saturday. Yes, Mei-Shun knew that. It gave warmer touch on her cheeks than at 乙戸沼, let her hang futon mats outdoors and dried horsey-riding field. She therefore changed stormy today’s schedule into yesterday, enjoyed communication with Mr. Tea Time and Princess Maria.

Cute Doctor


Ms. Sagittarius, great to see you at home. It is very rare for this chestnut-brown girl, so popular that often works up to maximum hours a day. And it hardly happens to Mei-Shun either — she had a sudden headache, canceled a class to take a rest. Shall we therefore share relaxed time on a cup of tea, while brown sugar and green vegetable especially for you?