Another Tora-chan


Hi, great to see you, cute tabby. You stay too distant from Mei-Shun to recognize your gender, yet either would be all right. Do you know our garden girl? She puts on a coat like yours, so friendly that rushes to anyone of our family just after they come outdoors. Oh, please do not try to climb Mei-Shun toward her arms. She must avoid bringing your scent to Mikan-chan, her indoor princess.


Never Again


On you two whites, Vanilla-san and Maria-chan. Mei-Shun was so exhausted to clean up following saddle pad in blue that she decided to purchase another in their color or beige. Although they do not perspire much these days, change from winter coat to spring one is still going on. It is fun to take care of horseies and riding equipments, yet she has many other to enjoy with Mikan-chan treatment on the top of her list.

Sweet Scent


It really comes from our garden princess Momo-chan (=Ms. Peach). Mei-Shun felt something soothes her mind one morning, took a deep breath at a flower of this gorgeous friend. Oh, how beautiful you are while merciful! Thanks a million to make her mind energized. All the same kindness does Grand Momo-chan have in mom’s garden, surrounded by 4 “Little Women”.

Mothers of Mei-Shun and Momo-chan



Missing Stage


Mei-Shun is energized to receive a tentative program from Master 坂東=Bando on her party’s performance in April, Tokyo. The former has rarely seen other dancers in full makeup, wigs and costumes on stage so far. Another happiness comes from Prof. M who joined 菊ノ上流 a few years ago. He recently asked Mei-Shun to become his new tutor in Japanese dance taking over Master Mei-Shu’s business.

Box Boy


Meow, this is my best seat, only when I feel hungry and see Ms. Mei-Shun. I like her who always gives me a treat. She also knows how to get along with me — never interferes to touch my sleepy paw pads. However, there are some dare do it here, hiss! Be polite, are you pleased when a stranger touch your sole while asleep? Just go ahead and play with my mammoth friends.

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One of Mei-Shun’s dream here is to gallop with you, honey. Oh-no-no, you are a cotton candy while Miro, a half-bred boy privately owned should take that name. If you two share a field going around to the orgel-tuned music they always air, it will make a real attraction. And Vanilla-san, could you lead them completing this sweetest and hottest dessert hard to control?

Maria, La Belle



Unique Friends


Hello, 狛犬=koma-inu guardians. Their names are “阿”=a and “吽”=n, meaning breathing out and in to pronounce respectively. Mei-Shun greets the former before giving a prayer — oh? Who is this, taking a rest on阿’s cheek? Maybe you two are playing a hide-and-seek, closely resemble each other. All right, she would bring omikuji lots to lonely吽 and read them with him/her.