Dance, Dance


… and dance Mei-Shun have done. She visited Master Bando’s place on Sunday for an irregular lesson, met with Ms. Sagittarius and Mr. Opal on Monday, took a regular lesson from above lady again while an appointment with Dr. M yesterday, saw Princess Maria and Ms. Last One today. Now are you kind followers able to recognize one who is not her partner to dance with?

Farewell For


… just 6 months from February, Mr. Tea Time. Please let Mei-Shun say congratulations for your promotion. Since he acquired a kind of certification to be a “rental horsey”, she cannot designate him as a partner to dance with for a while. Good luck, stay healthy. Icy rain forced her to cancel today’s reservation on the back of you and Princess Maria. Here are cubes of raw sugar, your favorite snack.


Japanese Culture@holiday


Yesterday was 1122, called “good married couple’s day” reading these numbers in Japanese yi-yi-fu-fu. Mei-Shun contacted members of 紫苑会, group of Aster tataricus named after their high school, including Kaori-san. Her exhibition weeks held so far in Kyoto have covered this date, let Shin and Mei-Shun go on a happy one-night trip to there to see above artist and her husband Mr. M.

Her works outdoors

Great Green


Mademoiselle Vert seems to have a flower bud again. Latest ones kept amazing longevity of over 3 months, let Mei-Shun feel grand admiration for them all through this torrid summer. According to pieces of advice, phalaenopsis roots are not easy to separate. So you are happy to stay there, looking full of the pot you lived first. Please just do not work too hard.

Joy of Horsey


It was the best among these rainy days for Mei-Shun to see them again. How have you been, Princess Maria, Ms. Sagittarius, Ms. Last One and Mr. Tea Time? Thanks to you, Mei-Shun enjoyed practice on Ms. Piano twice today: before and after dancing with you. She also found wild cherry trees blooming neatly with new leaves, perhaps in order to augment nutrition as much as possible.

Summer Sweets


Here they follows below; 稚鮎=chi-ayu, ささらがた=sasara-gata, 三石羊羹=yo-kan and baby chicken marshmallows. Last two came from Hokkaido, while the latter was found to be made in Kyoto. For the first, 5 sweetfish (they really are) were originally caught in the cage, with 3 seem to have already fled. The second is shared with gentle jelly lover Professor S, respected by Mei-Shun.

Thanking Blue


Shin sent Mei-Shun several photos of performance in the sky by Blue Impulse flight team on Friday. The wife took it just beautiful, yet learned later that it honored front-line health workers involved in fighting the novel coronavirus. And hello again, one of Siamese twins with eyes of the same shade, who became friendly enough to show his/her fluffy belly to Mei-Shun.

Great Greeting


Princess Maria, Mr. Tea Time, Ms. Last One and Ms. Sagittarius, it is Mei-Shun’s greatest pleasure to see you again. It took longer than 6 weeks for her to restart dance with you. Many changes were seen in the clubhouse, while all of you seem as lively and healthy as before that novel coronavirus deterred her from meeting you. Oh, slender crescent of the 3rd day is shining among clouds in sunset pink.

Somewhat Siamese


Hi, cute twins, how have you been? Mei-Shun has seen you for several times on the way to the nearest shrine. Oops, one of you seems to be using a restroom under an azalea bush. That is why the other gave a glance at her. Thanks and sorry, just a photo. It is quite cooler than yesterday, when she drew a bit better omikuji lot 末吉=sue-kichi, the least lucky.

MS goes …

… and returned.

One of them @lunch


CU Sakura


Mei-Shun walked to the nearest shrine after almost a month. A few 染井吉野 cherry flowers, thanks a lot for staying to say good-bye to her. She is quite sure to greet you attached to Gods again here. Oh, you reminds her of your pretty sister 八重桜=yae-sakura, petal-layered cherry in 乙戸沼 Park. All right, she would visit them after seeing her home dermatologist Dr. I.