Garden Cat


Meow, I am. However, mom often lets me in these days to sleep on her sofa. Of course she does, it is mine. Hi, sister Mei-Shun comes down. I always greet her with the best smile, purr. Her only fault is that she sometimes steps on my tail before giving me a treat, hiss! Please be more careful. What, your ironing board has a hole on the covering? Mom would be kind enough to repair it.

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Thanks a lot.

Candy Comes


… soon toward Mei-Shun’s upper left jaw. Yes, a kind of Christmas gift from Shin. She met Dr. M, her first home dentist today to replace late Ame-chan by an artificial one. Since they do not make it by themselves but just order, shape and size were measured with cold gum stuff, pressed onto the space where that milky girl lived before. Be brave, it never hurts. Simply takes 3 minutes keeping patient’s mouth open to dry.

Can U C?


This is amazingly made from rice porridge, makes it easier to clean the inner pot of our rice cooker. Mei-Shun knows it edible, yet has never tried. Well, もったいない=mottai-nai, save-energy mind seems quite important. She agrees to the idea, while prefers tasty foods. Even if this tiny snail comes out of cabbage, she never think of boiling it with a pinch of salt.

Seventh Moon


Purr, I feel so nice. This season has come for me to sleep on a blanket spread above the sofa, under mom’s 半纏=hanten, kimono-shape gown or gentle morning light. She also prepares for winter, bought a warm pants for horseback riding. Meow, stars shine on back pockets, I love it. And your yukata will change into normal kimono from tonight lesson, still a single one though.

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Chop, Chop


Our new laundry machine works so hard that it totally fractured a name card the other day. Mei-Shun doesn’t know WHO put it in a breast pocket, while found fine pieces of paper spread on clothes in dark colors. How sticky they were, took her half an hour to remove all. And hey, you did it again this morning! She has to put a wet-floppy parking ticket on his desk as a proof.

Japanese Dance!


Mei-Shun really loves it. Heading for 邦楽発表会 held yesterday, she went to Tsuchiura City Hall Saturday to see rehearsal performances by dancers from 藤間流=fujima-ryu, 若柳流=wakayagi-ryu and 坂東流=bando-ryu parties. The last one has Master Miho-sho on the top, an elegant and gentle lady who hosted her own stage in April. Oh, everyone has been involved in hard practice so far.

Dance with U


Hi, Maria-chan, great to see you again. Do you know some members belong to our club own or rent your friends? It makes Mei-Shun feel enviable, who would like to feed, hold and brush you up every day if possible. Kindly find reasons for her impossibility follow: 1) Her place takes 30-minute drive to reach you, 2) Mikan-chan, her 15-year-old daughter, needs intensive care, 3) Her mom-in-law, 4) Her goal …