Warm Winter


It really is. Mei-Shun hopes such a weather won’t make too torrid summer, when important sport events are to be held in Tokyo. On the other hand, it seems pleasant for her fluffy daughter, mother-in-law and a young 蝋梅 tree in the garden; the first is satisfied with sunlight on a blanket, the second is happy to take care of garden plants including vegetables, the last soon opens the 5th bud among 12.

Even Delayed


Purr, you are allowed to see la maja in a silver coat. I am not brushed by Master F. J. Goya but by mom. Her favorite weather forecaster said yesterday would be one-day spring. Well, did she mean a storm? It rained hard with blue sky just a moment in the afternoon. And at midnight, roaring wind shook us like a typhoon. Meow, she apologizes for the error on TV. No problem it makes.

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First Greeting


… toward Gods at the nearest shrine, Shin and Mei-Shun made it on New Year’s Day. The husband walked to there by himself this morning, told the wife that all staffs in white kimono sat still in the main building to serve for well-wishers. However, it was only he who visited that pressure from them let him pray in a second and run away. That might be why our 豆苗 babies suddenly went green.

Dry paddy in winter

Joy of Green


Necklace finally bloomed. Mei-Shun was very happy when saw one flower in a pot, happier as others follow in a few days. Since several buds were grown outdoors, she let them join indoor friends. On the other hand, 豆苗 or pea seedlings came to her kitchen for the first time. According to an explanation, second harvest would be available in a few weeks. How do you feel in this package of Cobb salad?

X’mas Together


They have joined Shin and Mei-Shun’s place recently. Titled “Blue Bins”, a lovely girl with her hair bound in a chignon looks at you. She might be a princess of a castle within one of these bottles. Thank you for coming out of it. Could you save eyes of your new family? On the other hand, he/she has not yet had any name, born within Kaori-san‘s world to represent a drop of water.

Fluffy Friends


Hi, do you reside here? Where is your partner or child today? This is the second time Mei-Shun see him/her and looking-like another on the way to the nearest shrine. His/her elegant beige coat, beady eyes and round smile was so attractive that she could not stop taking a photo. Thanks a lot for your good posing. And you as well, Tora-chan, just before rushing towards this photographer or a close friend outdoors.

Curled Up


Meow, mom admired white friends the other day, while silver was heard among them. I know her favorite is my coat, no need to hiss with jealousy. Now, today is so gray that I can sleep all day long. Here is my favorite bed, her legs covered with 半纏 or kimono-shaped jacket. She is good at smoothing me by hand, makes a fluffy doughnut whose topping sometimes glistens in green.

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