Returned Luck?


It might be, tiny gold frog. When Mei-Shun picked up winter clothes at a laundry, you came back in a plastic bag written “left in a pocket”. Shin and his wife drew the same omikuji lot at 橘寺 with you attached. Nobody knows which of the couple you belong to, yet anyway it means she nearly let you beat hard in a big machine. Is it the reason why her latest lots were 凶, the worst luck and 末吉, the least lucky?

Please take her deep apology, again.

Reiwa Riding


Hello, Ms. Last One, great to see you again and for the first time after the era changed. Mei-Shun would like you and Ms. Sagittarius to be partners to improve her technique in gallop and trot respectively. And lovely Maria-chan, here is a piece of good news for you; the detergent indispensable to wash your sash was finally got. Please wait until next week to put on cleaner, fluffy one.

Sorry for dusty protectors, honey.

White Ladies


姫空木=hime-utsugi, Deutzia gracilis in our garden is currently in full blossom. Lily bells under Momo-chan or Princess Peach began to give nice scent. Mei-Shun loves white flowers, feeling happy to see them stay lively. And she must not forget to report on Mademoiselle Vert to you kind followers including Prof. S of course. She has bloomed the 23rd and 24th, leaving a few buds still small.

Reiwa Starts


Purr, mom stays with me on her legs for a long time, watching TV from yesterday evening. I’m so satisfied that … purrr … oh? Did you go out while I took a nap on the roof floor? You enjoyed watching wild wisteria putting on a coat and eye-shadow in the same shade. Many of them bloom along a highway toward 東雲の丘 in 十余三, where they found a rare airplane just arrived at Narita Airport.

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Full of Mistakes


Text application here says that it is ginkgo, not gingko. On the other hand, Mei-Shun’s old English-Japanese dictionary shows that either is correct. Well, as for the youngest mademoiselle, it is not right or left but seems to be up or down. What is going on you, honey? If you have no problem, it does not matter at all. However, it seriously does when a bottle of clothes-softener is replenished toward the top.

Gingko Green


You are the prettiest, green shells. Mei-Shun always enjoy seeing them come out of “buds” rolled tightly together. They soon spread crossed sleeves to reach toward the sky, start yearly cycle until falling on the ground in yellow. Our backyard tree still holds little babies, already grew into school children in Osaka and going kindergarten with willow friends at 乙戸沼.


One by One


Mademoiselle Vert shows 10 flowers right now. First, a bud begins to look bigger, white and round. Secondly, one of lower petals is removed from a shape of folded ball, followed by another. Thirdly, the left ball opens a little to smile, waits for upper three petals to stand up. Mei-Shun should have watered her enough, yet oh, left her thirsty instead for as long as 2 weeks. Sooooo sorry.