Happy Party


Thank you so much, Shin, for your never-to-change mind toward Mei-Shun. Hi, Mikan-chan, you like these roses as well? Shade between salmon pink and orange, flower bowl in your coat color while showing their coming wedding anniversary, the husband completely made it. And oh, the wife won the “fève” in her annual pie. Let her put on a golden crown to be today’s queen.

Welcome Back


Princess Maria, you look sooo charming with Mei-Shun’s gift on forehead. Is your leg all right? Kindly listen, she has a dream. If timing comes, she would like to be your mom. She also wishes to name you in Japanese 手毬=temari, meaning a ball with colorful embroidery, on the top of candidate list. That is why the last “A” of your current name is expressed by an upside-down heart.

Private Lesson


Thank you so much, Ms. I, for kind understanding and cooperation with Mei-Shun. She plans to brush up her gallop skill this year, always enjoying. Since face-to-face lesson is more effective than one in group, she chose the former this month after 3-month interval. Now, please teach her how to do it, Ms. Sagittarius, instead of Mr. Vanilla currently owned by other member of our club.

Hi, Karin-chan,

Do you hear Mei-Shun?

You never do. All right.

First Horsey 2019


It is you, Mr. Tea Time. Actually, it should have been Maria-chan, yet she has her legs hurt. Have you seen that snow-white elder sister? She is really a sweet girl, keeps silent while we make her put on riding equipment. However, belt tightening is her only point to be furious. On the contrary, you are a perfect boy who is patient enough to stay quiet during all of our dressing.

My Sister?


Purr, a happy new year, wishing your prosperity and delight. Look, dad’s mom living downstairs gave a big, golden orange. Mom looks enjoying a photo session — saying we are in similar size. Meow, do you think so? She is cold on surface, too large to resemble my eyes. You can go ahead anyway, I’ll warm myself in morning light soon. Wind growls outdoors, yet comfortable indoors.

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Love Sunny


Purr, it is so nice to brush myself up in morning light. Hmm, butter is on those sandwiches baked in mom’s Bow-Loo. They are put on the table from minutes before, cooled for me maybe. Lick, lick, it is not bad. Meow, why do you hold me down onto the floor, mom? You would be lucky today with my kiss, as daddy told you. He is cautious enough to understand my intention immediately.

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New Face


Here is Thai-matsuri, retired racehorsey who has joined our club recently. Mei-Shun fell in love with such a lovely boy in black-brown, decided immediately to help Ms. I to train him as she did for Madoka-chan before. He was born in 2011 from the famous grandfather Brian’s Time while father Time Paradox. She therefore wants to give him a new name Tea Time, after these great fathers.