Dangerous Scent


Mom left me alone till very late at night the other day. It was because she visited a close friend living far away, I heard. Meow, why don’t you stop trying to enter my mom’s hat? By the way, dad felt sick when he picked her up at the nearest station. She used an old perfume which might changed constituents by years, emits something like lead. He is allergic to it, sneezed seriously.

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Princess Cymby


Great to see you again, Your Highness. Your advent is to celebrate Christmas with Shin and Mei-Shun, isn’t it? Since divided your tangled roots, she thought you would take a few more years to bloom. You kindly encouraged her to recover from the disease she had approx. 4 years before. Health and prosperity is sincerely wished for yourself of course, and may our days be merry and bright.

Joy of Friendship: 3


Here is Kaori-san’s boy named 龍井=Long-jing. “It comes from a brand of Chinese tea”, she explained. Hey, please do not fight with Mei-Shun’s bag. Why don’t you join them chatting on a cup of your tea? Its scent is so refreshing. The latter understands well the reason for your parents’ choice. Now your dad Maru-san came home, would you help him prepare a gorgeous dinner?

Welcome Back


Lunar November starts from today with 大雪=taisetsu, the 3rd of winter 二十四節気. Gods finished their annual meeting in 出雲, please kindly take our sincere gratitude. Now Maria-chan, Mei-Shun has felt sorry for seeing rhinestones on your forehead band gone, one after another. She therefore brought these roses for replacements. Oh, everyone knows that you are perfect just as you are, yet how pretty you really look!

Tks warm winter, still in full bloom.


Water Princess


Great to see you again (maybe), Your Highness. Last time Mei-Shun visited your place in the garden of an Italian restaurant, 神楽坂, it seemed red guards did not count so many. It is because of your promotion, isn’t it? Please kindly take her words of congratulation. There are a lot of sweet cats here including Mr. Zai as follows, your safety must be insured as much as possible.

Good Couple’s Day


They call today so, reading 11=i-i, meaning “good” and 22=fu-fu, “a married couple” respectively in Japanese. Well, Kaori-san’s first exhibition started from this date 4 years before. What a nice timing, symbolizing good communication with her husband Maru-san. Regarding Shin and Mei-Shun, the husband asked the wife to play piano before leaving for a business trip to the U.S.

Garden Cat


Meow, I am. However, mom often lets me in these days to sleep on her sofa. Of course she does, it is mine. Hi, sister Mei-Shun comes down. I always greet her with the best smile, purr. Her only fault is that she sometimes steps on my tail before giving me a treat, hiss! Please be more careful. What, your ironing board has a hole on the covering? Mom would be kind enough to repair it.

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