Partial Eclipse


It means a new moon tonight, start of lunar December. However, it was cloudy enough to let Mei-Shun totally absorbed in horsey riding lessons final in 2019. Mr. Tea Time, thanks a lot for being such a good boy. You and Ms. I taught her how to control your speed, to make clear turns. Her next goal is a canter on you. Ms. Last One, the last lady she rode this year, your gallop gave her an excellent exultation.


Cold Moon


Oh, beautiful full moon. Mei-Shun found it so bright in the sky when she drove back from her horsey riding club. She knew it is the last one for 2019, while missed the lady of the same name today (see you on Wednesday, honey). It is so difficult to take good photos that she immediately gave it up to pick up some by experts. She prefers to see such an incredible phenomenon by her eyes as much as possible.

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Lucky a Little


It seems a good fortune for Mei-Shun to find a crescent in the evening sky. The slimmer it is, the happier she feels. When she finds green buds fried within lotus seeds, came from Vietnam. When she heard that a purse was found dropped on the floor of a shinkansen bullet train from Kyoto, and returned to the owner in a minute. When she saw a gingko tree shining gold in sunlight at the nearest shrine.

Within Nov.


Mei-Shun hopes to lose her last one bag of sugar, while lunar month of the same starts from today. Well, may she count the latter? No, no way. Although she has gained less than a half bag after the point of no return, brilliant solar December is only three days ahead. She already reserved leading products of たねや=taneya, one of her favorite sweets shops, to arrive on Christmas Day.

@宝泉, Kyoto Station

Full Moon


Here she comes up. Her shining, perfect round shape means that we are in the middle of lunar October, doesn’t it? Mei-Shun went up to the roof floor after months to see her above backyard gingko tree. He has grown so tall and wide that all eastern view is covered by leaves. Oops, fallen ones almost clogged drainage. It is time to clean them up to stop making a dangerous pool here.

From Backdoor?


Lunar October starts from today. Mei-Shun walked to the nearest shrine on weekend, found smaller 鳥居=torii gate missing God — seriously, a kind of name tug attached to it lost “神” letter. It seems some of Gods living there were in a hurry, departed for 出雲 a few days earlier. Others might leave later through larger front gate, next to a stone monument explaining history of the shrine.

“Lucky” omikuji she drew.

Croissant Cat


Meow, it is getting colder day by day. I sometimes feel too much freezed to stay alone on the sofa. Mom, come here and hold me on your legs, or I have to go into the restroom again. Only five minutes would be all right, since you always leave this blanket warm after sitting down on it. Oh, thanks a lot for spreading a piece of African cloth on me. So comfortable is my new bed. Purr … purrr …

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