So we had no 木枯らし1号, the 1st wind from the north which blows after 立冬 within November this year. Well, still in October on lunar calendar, warm air might stay longer. With that being one of reasons maybe, mom-in-law’s vegetables flourish these days. She gave some to her son and daughter-in-law; the former prefers stalk, while the latter buds.

Seventh Moon


Purr, I feel so nice. This season has come for me to sleep on a blanket spread above the sofa, under mom’s 半纏=hanten, kimono-shape gown or gentle morning light. She also prepares for winter, bought a warm pants for horseback riding. Meow, stars shine on back pockets, I love it. And your yukata will change into normal kimono from tonight lesson, still a single one though.

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Feel Free?


Nearby rice paddy has been harvested, cut again after growing anew. Shining in gold for a while, it let Mei-Shun’s eyes enjoy. However, it was dug and turned around as 田起こし to air the soil and make left stalks good fertilizer (maybe), changed into gray. Bright autumnal sight is over, while observing Gods departed for 出雲 at the start of 神無月, lunar October from today.


13th Moon


Thanks to an autumnal clear sky, we could see 十三夜, the second most beautiful moon last night. Mei-Shun celebrated it by playing scores composed by Master Debussy and Beethoven featuring moonlight. She also would like to receive such magical power as much as possible, kept all shutters facing the south open while going outdoors. Oh, here comes sweetest silver coat. Welcome to share it with mom.

Blessed Exercise?


Mei-Shun resumed to walk to the nearest shrine, drew two 吉=kichi, lucky omikuji lots consecutively. They mean quite similar as saying; those who see the 45th lot have everything in full shape, while those who do the 49th have everything satisfied like 仲秋の名月 with no clouds. Both advises her to stay humble, and it would go better with Gods’ protection.

3rd Moon


Mei-Shun would miss that beautiful crescent tonight. Between quiet rainfall, she walked to the nearest shrine and drew two 吉=kichi, lucky omikuji lots for Shin and herself. Actually it was末吉=sue-kichi, the least lucky for the husband while凶=kyo, the worst luck for the wife yesterday. On 9th, 朔日=the first of lunar September, she could not greet Gods: doors were closed, lot box was put away.

Thanks a million for saving bad lucks.