Blessed Exercise?


Mei-Shun resumed to walk to the nearest shrine, drew two 吉=kichi, lucky omikuji lots consecutively. They mean quite similar as saying; those who see the 45th lot have everything in full shape, while those who do the 49th have everything satisfied like 仲秋の名月 with no clouds. Both advises her to stay humble, and it would go better with Gods’ protection.

3rd Moon


Mei-Shun would miss that beautiful crescent tonight. Between quiet rainfall, she walked to the nearest shrine and drew two 吉=kichi, lucky omikuji lots for Shin and herself. Actually it was末吉=sue-kichi, the least lucky for the husband while凶=kyo, the worst luck for the wife yesterday. On 9th, 朔日=the first of lunar September, she could not greet Gods: doors were closed, lot box was put away.

Thanks a million for saving bad lucks.

After 3Y + 25Wks


It started raining hard after Mei-Shun got into Ms. Scarlet to and from the hospital, with a good phone call from Dr. A deeply wished. By the way, August 15th of lunar calendar was yesterday. In spite of weather forecasts, she was able to enjoy 仲秋の名月= the most beautiful moon of the year. Even if no sight of a full moon like tonight’s, another luck often comes.

Gingko fruit smell was washed away.

New Moon


We have 八朔=hassaku, not meaning the orange breed Mei-Shun loves but the beginning of lunar August today. It is said to be a time when we should be wary of typhoons, while an autumnal rain front would stay above us through this week. Thanks to such information, she was able to enjoy riding Maria- and Madoka-chans before it started raining hard.

Sweet Moon


Mei-Shun saw Dr. M, her home dentist for teeth cleaning only today. Replacement for Ame-chan would be arranged after 4th, September: its twin sister might be extracted as well. As a way to avoid such a gloomy idea, she dropped in a shop of 和菓子=wagashi, Japanese sweets to pick up following delicacies of autumn. Missing our graceful satellite for a few nights, shall we find her among them?

Too Soon


It is a bit, darling. 萩=hagi, bush clover in our garden might make a mistake by cool weather from last Friday. Since summer has come back with mercury over 30 degrees Celsius today, Mei-Shun is worried about you. Please do not try to go into full bloom, just stay on her kimono. Autumn flowers are to be featured on traditional Japanese clothes and sweets according to lunar calendar.