After 4Y


So they have safely passed since Mei-Shun left the hospital. Each day to date has been precious, even when she felt sad or stressful. Now with 令和=Reiwa Era starts from the 1st of next month, she wishes to walk forward loving every step.  The former kanji letter meant in ancient times “message from millions of Gods” represented by the sun and the moon who always protect all of us.

Clair de Lune


Oh, what a shock it is — Mei-Shun partly forgot how to play that beautiful score. She admits the fact that Master J. S. Bach has occupied her mind for these 5 weeks, while never stops admiring Monsieur Debussy. Her practice patterns always include the latter’s pieces: “Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum” and “Arabesque” sound great and are best for finger stretching. It just depends, what would be chosen to enjoy next.

Going So-so


Mei-Shun means her diet. She resumed walking to the nearest shrine at least 4 days a week, with the latest omikuji lot says:

The 20th Lucky: those who see this lot would find light in the dark like a bright moon. Still, watch steps forward and Gods would give protection to reach happiness.

狛犬 couple A-chan and N-chan, could you bring her half-lucky one to your master?

Supermoon. Copyright © 2019 Shimaneko-Sensei All Rights Reserved.

Warmer Rain


We have 雨水=usui, the 2nd of spring 二十四節気 today. It really does — raindrops started to fall before noon, much earlier than forecasted. Well, as 大寒 was with spring in the air compared to snowy 小寒 last month, blossom season might follow sooner this year. By the way, Mei-Shun wonders what would come for tonight when supermoon is expected to be seen.

Just cloudy in the morning.



Oh, what happened to you? You and Ms. Microwave is the oldest couple at home of Shin and Mei-Shun. The husband first recognized something weird in you, while the wife followed this morning finding that inner air of you seems to stay just a little bit cooler than room temperature. Well, with lunar new year started, would you like to retire and let them have new one?

Point of No Return


Not by the Phantom of the Opera, by Mei-Shun it is. She has made an effort to manage her weight so far, approaching the point which lets her smile with a sigh of relief. A nearby clinic takes 15-minute drive, serves a health check every two years. However, they did not seem to have a scale, just measured her height and abdomen size. Only the crescent might know what was going on.

Copyright © 2019 Shimaneko-Sensei All Rights Reserved.

Hello, Teddy


Shin brought home boxes of cookies and tea bags from Hong Kong. His client made a queue to purchase the former, quite popular for decades. Oh, lovely bears prepare for coming lunar new year. Four flavors of shortbreads are within, full of butter. Light texture, not too sweet. Mei-Shun’s favorite is “coffee”, tube-pressed and brown. As to tea, “silver moon” is the best for her among six.