Lithe Line


This is one of corns mom-in-law grew. Not only a good cook, she is the best garden manager who chooses, plants and grows flowers, fruits and vegetables. Her 梅干し=ume-boshi, dried plum pickles has recently been found to be an excellent seasoning by Mei-Shun. Many people in our country eat it with rice porridge, yet a few put it directly into their cookers.

Finger Fatigue


TV news featured a lady soon reaching 100 years old this morning. She played well the 1st movement of “Moonlight” and “For Elise” composed by Master Beethoven. These are in repertoire of Mei-Shun who has approximately half the age of above grandma. Ms. Piano, do you understand why neither of them play the 3rd movement of the former piece again?

Hi, mom


Mei-Shun visited her parents’ home. Her mother is an earnest birds and plants watcher. When you can not recognize a seedling of a tree, she would take a second to answer the name of it. So as to birds. Another mom in photo below would do the same, yet our capacity is too small to understand her words.

swallow mom2 (2)