Doll Festival


This is for girls, maybe set to be the counterpart of Children’s Day celebrated mainly for boys on May 5th. Both of them are days of sweets as well, since hina-arare, rice puffs coated with frosty sugar are served on the former while kashiwa-mochi, rice cakes wrapping red bean-paste balls on the latter. For Shin and Mei-Shun, lovely frog faces joined — souvenir from Nagoya.

Silky Spring


We had 春一番=haru-ichiban, the first southern wind blows between 立春 and 春分 on Saturday (Cat Day as well). So it is warm enough this morning, seems nice to go to the club. However, hay disease prevented Shin and Mei-Shun from doing so — the former is a serious patient. Another reason was a phone call from Ms. I informing that Mr. Silk Traveler, the latter reserved, changed his job into the first horsey for new comers only.

Isn’t it too soon, dandelion?

2nd in 2019


酉の市=tori-no-ichi is not a market in the Italian city, yet a festival held on the Cock days of Chinese zodiac in November. Instead of grilled or fried chickens, sold are decorated rakes whose size ranging from your hand to whole body. It is said to be derived from harvest celebration by residents nearby a big shrine named after 大酉 or 鳳 =oh-tori, an imaginary animal.

@Ueno Station

Mr. Aladdin


Meow, I miss him so much, who would soon appear in the living room again. Mom’s preparation for winter will continue until weekend when dad comes back from 上海. However, it was warm enough today, let me enjoy taking a nap on the sofa with no covering. Will 木枯らし1号, the first northern gale between the middle of October and the end of this month, really blow tonight?

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Time to Relax


So it is the 3rd of our Golden Week serial holidays. Mei-Shun mainly stays at home while Shin on and off business, that depends. She heard that 60-70% adults would do the same as the wife during these 10 days. How many of those who mean to do similar to the husband are included in other 40-30%? Please take good care of yourselves, dear diligent workers.

Key items for healthy sleep

Floppy Blossom


Well, well, we had 清明=seimei, the 5th of spring 二十四節気 last Friday when lunar March began at the same time. Mei-Shun meant to fix this shoji sliding door within the same month on solar calendar, yet canceled such plan due to freezing weather often returned. She therefore decided to do the job during Golden Week, 10 serial holidays this year from abdication of our current emperor.

Closed for Today


Shin and Mei-Shun went to いしじま, a peanut shop while serves you nice soba for lunch yesterday. However, it was closed — oh, oh, they should have known it. All such  restaurants through the Japanese Archipelago would prepare for the last day of the year. Yes, she reserves tasty one in the freezer of course. And thanks a lot, mom-in-law for frying shrimps and onion tempura.

Feel Free?


Nearby rice paddy has been harvested, cut again after growing anew. Shining in gold for a while, it let Mei-Shun’s eyes enjoy. However, it was dug and turned around as 田起こし to air the soil and make left stalks good fertilizer (maybe), changed into gray. Bright autumnal sight is over, while observing Gods departed for 出雲 at the start of 神無月, lunar October from today.


Joy of Kyoto


People living there will see Gion Festival soon, envied by Shin and Mei-Shun. Since hotels are full reserved before 前祭=saki-matsuri and 後祭=ato-matsuri held on July 17th and 24th respectively, they visited there this weekend. It was by chance that 七夕=tanabata was chosen, the only night an year for a celestial couple allowed to meet with each other crossing the Milky Way.

Sky Drawing


Here is a photo of a cloud Mei-Shun has never seen before. She found it while walking back from the nearest shrine to home the other day. Shin is much better to take photos of mammoth creatures, kind enough to send one following below to his wife. Were you making an enormous carp stream above us? With no reply, he disappeared in a minute blown by gust.