Perfect Performance


Have you kind 482 followers seen Jupiter shining in dark sky? Mei-Shun enjoys it tonight as well, when a half moon growing day by day from the west toward south. She would soon be followed by her eldest brother among planets of the sun including our mother earth. There, he always hides behind tree tops in the east, suddenly jumps up onto a bluish black carpet over our heads.

First Lesson


… it is today, after Mei-Shun performed precious role of 白拍子花子 on a stage. When she asked if Master Bando gives other lessons within 2020, the latter lady replied “yes, as usual”. On the other hand, beloved Master Mei-Shu used to wrap them up in November. Both ideas seem proper; one master takes 邦楽発表会 a special event, while the other a kind of workout.

Shin’s bouquet drinks much to bloom more.

Dance, Dance,


And dance, mom, only 3 weeks are left until you perform 恋の手習い on the stage. You went out for a lesson at Master Bando’s place in the morning, came back early in the afternoon. Futon mats are sunbathing in southern verandah where Princess Cymby, her younger sister and Mademoiselle Vert stayed from spring. They came indoors yesterday, expecting flowers in 2 pots in coming next year.

I am the best blossom of course, purr …

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Mei-Shun tried “Allegro among Impromptus, Opus 90” by Master Schubert after more than a whole month. Even if a poor performance, her fingers never hurt, that is fine.  Haste makes waste. By the way, her eldest nephew sang “Erlkönig” by above great composer last week, to piano accompaniment by his mother. His grandma came out of that cool place to listen, and would flee back soon.

Eyes On


… Mei-Shun, kind Master Bando would soon. The latter lady arranged music source and 手拭 cloth for the former. Now they both wish a safe stage available in autumn. And the lesson would, well, be given if heat waves of current bon holidays calm themselves down a bit more. Although early morning sky shows cooler clouds, daytime summer might even take your life.

Chrysanthemum Circle


Mr. O, the husband of beloved Master Mei-shu gave a phone call to Mei-Shun. She asked him the other day weather any piece of 手拭=te-nugui, cotton cloth of face towel size is left available with 紋=mon, seal of Kikunoe Ryu dyed on. His reply was no, while kindly lend some as samples to make new one for her stage in autumn. Well, the 3rd crescent of lunar June, Master knows all as you do above clouds.



There are two important persons regarding 邦楽発表会; Mr. K and Master Bando, one of close friends to beloved Master Mei-Shu while the former a neighbor in charge of community center, where Mei-Shun needs to reserve a room to practice kabuki dance. Now restrictions related to the novel coronavirus are almost all lifted, she would be pleased to contact them.

Here is the 3rd mademoiselle …

With a supporter later.


Autumn Anticipation


Mei-Shun contacted Master Bando, who kindly invited the former to a new-year party in the end of January. However, cedar pollen already grabbed Shin at that time. His serious condition affects his wife so much that it took her as long as 2 months to return to normal. Now she feels happy to hear that 邦楽発表会, stage performance in kabuki dance is expected to be held at the end of November.

Me, Ms. Piano and …


Love Lesson


How long does it take for Mei-Shun to resume practicing 恋の手習=koi-no-tenarai, the most important part of 京鹿子娘道成寺? Three years, Master Mei-Shu. You kindly tried to teach it to your last 名取 who wished to gain certificate of 師範. However, it was too hard for your body to do it in person, forced you instead to find a DVD performed by another member of 菊ノ上会.

There we see prompt buds of Momo-chan.

Dance Anew


Oh, how awful they were, her steps into the stage — Mei-Shun means herself in a DVD recorded around 9 years before. Since Professor M, her only student would like to learn 梅の栄, she earnestly looked for its written score. However, no paper accumulated on Miss. Piano gave her any instruction. She was therefore forced to check her own performance, embarrassed to learn it again.