Dance Anew


Oh, how awful they were, her steps into the stage — Mei-Shun means herself in a DVD recorded around 9 years before. Since Professor M, her only student would like to learn 梅の栄, she earnestly looked for its written score. However, no paper accumulated on Miss. Piano gave her any instruction. She was therefore forced to check her own performance, embarrassed to learn it again.


Hanako, Flower Girl


Mei-Shun finished to learn how to dance 乱拍子の段, instrument-only part of 京鹿子娘道成寺. It was very slow compared to her previous pace to dance at least two scores an year. Well, Shin might mean to encourage his wife to perform on a stage again by giving her not an arrangement but a bouquet. He always handed her such a gorgeous beauty, surprised friends in Kikunoe Ryu’s waiting room.

Japanese Dance!


Mei-Shun really loves it. Heading for 邦楽発表会 held yesterday, she went to Tsuchiura City Hall Saturday to see rehearsal performances by dancers from 藤間流=fujima-ryu, 若柳流=wakayagi-ryu and 坂東流=bando-ryu parties. The last one has Master Miho-sho on the top, an elegant and gentle lady who hosted her own stage in April. Oh, everyone has been involved in hard practice so far.

Happy Reunion


Mei-Shun met her high-school classmates Yuko-san and Kaori-san at 維新號 in Ginza. She was so happy to see them after around 2 years when the latter kindly came all the way from Tokyo to Tsuchiura, with her husband to see 汐汲. They looked satisfied with lunch of 7 courses, making the organizer feel relieved who lists this Chinese restaurant on the top.

Thanks, Kaori-san.


Shall I Dance?


Yes, you had better do, Mei-Shun told to herself. Two weekends of October have passed, yet she had no contact from Master Mei-Shu. Wondering what is going on, it must be taken as a chance to feel independent. Her purpose to dance is to perform on a stage, hoping her family and friends would enjoy it. She should improve her technique by practice while watching good performances as much as possible.

Dojoji: 1


Precisely, 京鹿子娘道成寺=kyoganoko-musume-dojoji. It is based on a 能=noh featuring Legend of 安珍=anchin and 清姫=kiyohime. 安珍 was a handsome monk visited 熊野 Shrine. He stayed for a night at 清姫’s home who fell in love with him at first sight. He refused her, running away to hide under a big bell of nearby 道成寺. Furious 清姫 changed into a fire-breathing dragon and burned him to death. Hundreds of years later, 道成寺 monks constructed a new bell.

Under Moonlight


Photos of 松風 arrived at hands of her twin sister Mei-Shun. A photographer in charge was sensible enough to include a piece of long shot. Regarding the moon, she thinks that Professor M, one of her most esteemed friends, is the best to take it. His wonderful skill allows any shape of the moon to be very clear. How do you broadminded followers compare one of his fine works with Mei-Shun’s?


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