Feel Free?


Nearby rice paddy has been harvested, cut again after growing anew. Shining in gold for a while, it let Mei-Shun’s eyes enjoy. However, it was dug and turned around as 田起こし to air the soil and make left stalks good fertilizer (maybe), changed into gray. Bright autumnal sight is over, while observing Gods departed for 出雲 at the start of 神無月, lunar October from today.


Ripe Rice


It seems they started harvest from this weekend. The easternmost ears all stopped listening to us, bundled and dried on bamboo hangers. Mei-Shun felt somehow warm when she walked passing by them — do they emit heat while fermented? Under sunlight and rainfall one after another, they might be naturally cooked before peeled and steamed into shining white.

Japanese Culture@holiday


熱川バナナワニ園 hangs Wani-Nobori, streamers with alligator printing. At the hospital Mei-Shun stayed 2 years before, you would find in the lobby a gorgeous arrangement of 五月人形=gogatsu-ningyo, samurai dolls to celebrate Children’s Day. When Mei-Shun was one of them, she has never seen it at boy classmates’ homes. Carp streamers outdoors looked more popular, yet shrinking economy might not be able to afford them.

Izayoi Moon


2016 had 十五夜 or the best moon on September 15 while 十三夜 tonight, with thick clouds and “Clair de Lune” by Ms. Piano. It is interesting that both months start from 朔=saku, a new moon, making it easy to count her beautiful shapes. The latter is said to be clearer than the former, one of the reasons our ancestors held moon-watching party twice. Well, we could not have seen either this year. Shall we expect Saturday, a bona fide full moon?


Meow Fortune


Mei-Shun drew an omikuji fortune slip all the same as the one she did at the beginning of this year — the 22nd 吉=kichi, meaning lucky with a number sounds like a cat calling you twice. Only a difference between them is property of paper. Oh, it reminds her the sight here in new year days. Several girls in white kimono and red 袴=hakama, Japanese pants served to hand us results while we normally help ourselves. They are called 巫女=miko, maiden employees at temples and shrines.


Green Start


Here you find a rice planter, for which these lovely boats full of young babies are waiting. It is very nice that watered paddies are not so shiny as Otonuma is even early in the morning. Mei-Shun feels happy to walk along them, greeting several other walkers and dogs.

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