Somewhat Siamese


Hi, cute twins, how have you been? Mei-Shun has seen you for several times on the way to the nearest shrine. Oops, one of you seems to be using a restroom under an azalea bush. That is why the other gave a glance at her. Thanks and sorry, just a photo. It is quite cooler than yesterday, when she drew a bit better omikuji lot 末吉=sue-kichi, the least lucky.

MS goes …

… and returned.

One of them @lunch


Kimono Feather


Lunar April starts from today. Mei-Shun walked to the nearest shrine, asked Gods to give protection onto her kabuki dance practice at home. Omikuji lots say … hi, gorgeous pheasant boy, great to hear your love song again. Listen, one for Shin was No. 23 kichi=lucky while the other for herself No. 39 kyo=the worst luck. The latter number is read “than-kyu” in Japanese, appreciating her fortune?

Too good at standing with his back to sunlight.

Buds after Buds


Our backyard gingko is getting greener and greener day by day with lovely little shells. Mom-in-law’s cactus garden also have a lot of babies on edge. They make Mei-Shun’s mind calmed down, let her see brighter side of everything. Now is the time to cook for dinner. Vegetable soup and grilled sausage would be a good match … hey, what is going on in this cabbage?

Master’s Home


Shin went on a business trip to 徳島. Mei-Shun has not visited that prefecture where Master Mei-Shu was from, while famous for 阿波踊り=awa-odori, a dance performance on parade. Their main airport featuring above dance in name gives free lesson to tourists. When the loved lady joined them for a joke, she was awarded the best performer of that day.

Joy of Diet?


Mei-Shun wonders why she still stays one bag of sugar behind the goal, as long as 4 months have already passed. She knows there are several points on the way: while she is on satisfactory decline in weight, her shape does not make remarkable change. And vice versa. Hey, mischievous textbook, please stop calling her “d.e.b”. Anyway tonight, she would treat herself to a glass of sake Shin’s young friend brewed in Paris.

Made It


Mei-Shun did, she wished to say, who went to a nearby hospital for a health check today. However, the result was one bag of sugar behind again. She saw the same number 4 month before, on a souvenir piece of paper rolled out of an automatic height and weight scale. Since she was in a shirt with long sleeves and a long puffed skirt, try again at home with nothing on.

Clothes were taken into consideration by half a bag!


Bullying Book


Oh, you are so cynical to say “d.e.b.” toward Mei-Shun twice. She might be still a bit, yet please do not disturb her studying English to widen her vocabulary more, continued for decades. Now rainfall seems like to prevent her from dancing with Ms. Sagittarius, Princess Maria and Mr. Tea Time today. She has to tighten appetite, greatly helped by strawberries picked on weekend.



Yes, it is such a season. Mei-Shun means that there are a lot of 凶=kyo, the worst luck in the omikuji box at the nearest shrine. That might be because the priest would like to make more visitors happier in January: if they draw bad lots on New Year Day, and shrine maidens have to hand gloomy pieces of paper to them, following year would seem lugubrious for both of them.

Round, Round


Purr, it does not only express me on mom’s legs but rice cakes she is into these days. Dad bought them in Kyoto last year-end, too much to consume within new-year holidays. She wraps up frozen one by two pieces of fried tofu, ready to make お稲荷さん=o-inari-san or a rice ball in a tofu bag, before steaming it. Be careful not to make the same shape on your belly.

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Plus Pink


Our “backyard” plum trees are in 80% blossom right now. It is interesting for Mei-Shun that their shade all depends. Many of the strongest pink are seen in classical gardens, while weeping ones tend to put on pale tones. Above one is not in tears, whose petals have a pinch of violet. Oops, it has just started raining. Please do not make sudden resonance with this context.