Severe Barometer


Mei-Shun remembers that Ms. S, her last piano instructor owned cats at home. One of them was a black beauty called Tami-chan. She often sat on a piano chair, shared it with the young student. When the latter played well, the former stayed there. However, if awful sounds heard, she immediately escaped from the room. Yes, Mikan-chan, you sometimes do the same as well.

Meow, I prefer this.


Joy on Weekday


Shin took a half-day off today, met Mei-Shun at Tokyo Station in early afternoon. They went up by an escalator, window-shopping winter items, toward restaurant floor of a department store. Hmm, tempura looks the best for lunch. He ordered 3-course ones including rare 大浅利=oh-asari, a shellfish much bigger than normal size. And 大山=oh-yama sake for his wife who won’t drive after this.

Why in an iron pot?

Joy of Friendship: 3


Here is Kaori-san’s boy named 龍井=Long-jing. “It comes from a brand of Chinese tea”, she explained. Hey, please do not fight with Mei-Shun’s bag. Why don’t you join them chatting on a cup of your tea? Its scent is so refreshing. The latter understands well the reason for your parents’ choice. Now your dad Maru-san came home, would you help him prepare a gorgeous dinner?

Oh, No,


It called Mei-Shun “d.e.b.”; fat, again. She means the mischievous textbook to learn 1,100 words whose 7th edition arrived at her hands lately. You might be right — she has gained one bag of sugar after catching a slight cold. However, it was because she had to eat for recovery. She could not do exercise feeling tired. All is past tense. Half of the flab has already been burned off.


Joy of Friendship: 2


石神井公園 Park has a bird sanctuary to accommodate various rare birds including that blue jewel, halcyon. Mei-Shun has only seen them on TV, profoundly moved by such a chance to meet one for the first time above 三宝寺池. Thank you again, Kaori-san, who recognized his tweet while strolling around a pond for boats. Oh, here is a explanation for pyracantha, read tokiwa-sanzashi and … written 常盤山樝子!

Another one relaxes just beside U.

三宝寺 Pond


Cool Bath?


The other day, Mei-Shun had a narrow escape in home bathroom. When she stirred bathtub with a pail, she found it too cold to go into –thanks to her custom to wash herself before relaxation in warm water. It seems a kind of manner, that Shin totally agrees as well. He took a nap while his wife enjoyed wide public bath at 竹泉荘, so used a tiny shower and bathtub space within their room before bathing in balcony.

Japanese Culture@holiday


Culture Day (November 3rd) is among our public holidays when “Happy Monday System” is not applied. Others include New-year Day (January 1st), National Foundation Day (February 11th), Showa Day (April 29th), Constitution Day, Green Day and Children’s Day (May 3rd to 5th) and Emperor’s Birthday (December 23rd). Today’s Labor Thanksgiving Day is as well, set on Friday this year o(^^)/o(^^)/o(^^)/