New Moon


Yesterday was so busy for Shin and Mei-Shun; solar eclipse culminated around 10:00, lunar December started with 朔, 小寒=shokan, the 5th of winter 二十四節気 which means beginning of the coldest season. Well, well, anyway, they walked to the nearest shrine for the 2nd greeting to Gods. And the wife decided her 2019 goals; to gain a Spanish certificate, to take Japanese Instructor exam, and etc.

Eager to watch it safely.

First Horsey 2019


It is you, Mr. Tea Time. Actually, it should have been Maria-chan, yet she has her legs hurt. Have you seen that snow-white elder sister? She is really a sweet girl, keeps silent while we make her put on riding equipment. However, belt tightening is her only point to be furious. On the contrary, you are a perfect boy who is patient enough to stay quiet during all of our dressing.

My Sister?


Purr, a happy new year, wishing your prosperity and delight. Look, dad’s mom living downstairs gave a big, golden orange. Mom looks enjoying a photo session — saying we are in similar size. Meow, do you think so? She is cold on surface, too large to resemble my eyes. You can go ahead anyway, I’ll warm myself in morning light soon. Wind growls outdoors, yet comfortable indoors.

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Crab, Crab


Nobody is that zodiac sign at Mei-Shun’s home. They therefore felt nothing sorry to him, just appreciated. It took longer than a whole day to melt him, so mom-in-law suggested a little bit boiling. The biggest plate and pot helped them to have a gorgeous dinner, while a labor to remove his shell full of thorns. Thanks a lot, Shin, for this sumptuous order and serving your wife.

Akemashite Omedeto


So 2019, the last year of 平成 Era started. What do you kind followers have in mind as goals? How about Mei-Shun, would you ask? Well, since New Year’s Day is on Tuesday, she feels like leaving a step in last year. May she therefore use several more days to think about it until Sunday, the first day of lunar December? That beautiful crescent, greeted her this morning before the sun came up, would give good advice.