Private Lesson


Thank you so much, Ms. I, for kind understanding and cooperation with Mei-Shun. She plans to brush up her gallop skill this year, always enjoying. Since face-to-face lesson is more effective than one in group, she chose the former this month after 3-month interval. Now, please teach her how to do it, Ms. Sagittarius, instead of Mr. Vanilla currently owned by other member of our club.

Hi, Karin-chan,

Do you hear Mei-Shun?

You never do. All right.

White Shade


His coat must be a good sun-breaker, yet it does not work for Vanilla Arc. He has little endurance in summer, breathes hard soon after lessons start even in the evening. Mei-Shun feels his condition through a saddle, very sorry for forcing him such a labor — she would like to win a certificate within this month, reserved him as a partner to help her. Honey, shall we shower together next time?

Nice to See U


Hello, Madoka-chan. Please make sure of Mei-Shun as one of your fostered mothers. We would start from walking together to washing place where we treat, prepare and release your harness. You have to learn first to stay calm here. Oh, do not say to go home after 5 minutes. Let’s make your patience longer little by little, while this mom make her preparation time shorter.

madoka (2)



Here is a handmade pair of pails for Shio-Kumi practice. Thank you so much, Master Mei-Shu. That story features pretty sisters named 松風 and 村雨, who were involved in sea salt making at a small, remote village. One day, they saw a noble guy in a banishment penalty and fell in love with him.


Back to the Ground


…for horseback riding. Mei-Shun had to cancel lessons three times this month, giving priority to her stage, yet missing lovely horses so much. And this morning, she was fairly felicitous to meet Curly Prince, the eldest guy among more than 100 horses owned by our club. He puts on a thick coat, might be the fluffiest as well. Yes, you are right. It looks winter has already come.