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This is Mei-Shun’s second 2016 omikuji.

第四十四番 吉 The 44th Lucky

このみくじにあう人は 碁に黒白の石が置いてあるように 吉凶はないが 心遣いと努力があれば 後にはすべて良くなる 物事先んずれば良く 遅れれば利なし 神仏の御加護を信じ 熟慮断行すれば 幸せ来る

For those who see this sacred lot, lucky and unlucky matters share their existence as go game has black and white stones on the board. Take good care of other people while making efforts for yourselves. Everything would be better in the future. The sooner the better, no delay for profit. Believe in the protection of the God, consider before implementation. Happiness would soon come.

A stone of passion, carnelian was attached to the lot. It would bring triumph to your business and sports, they say.