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Shin and Mei-Shun walked to their nearest shrine. Omikuji for the latter is as follows:

第七番 末吉 The 7th The Least Lucky

このみくじにあう人は 例えば舟に乗って 順風を待つ人のようで 月の光も曇り 山高くして車も行きにくい相と云える しかし神明を信じ 心の誠を尽くすならば やがて順風来り 月も輝きを増してくる

For those who see this sacred lot, it is like waiting for wind aboard a boat with moonlight deterred by clouds, mountains too high to go across by car. Belief in the Goddess Amaterasu and honesty would let them go ahead with good breeze and bright moon.