Blue, Blue Sky


Our gingko tree finally put off golden coat. Mei-Shun feels that his process to change clothes after summer took shorter than usual this year. Extreme heat and typhoons hurt his green shirt, burned into brown on edge. Rainy autumn blew it down partly, while warm winter delayed it to turn to bright yellow. Now she finished picking up beautiful leaves to dry.

Three Women


Mei-Shun visited her mother, at last within 2018. And it was the second chance for her elder sister, a full-time employee at a department store, to join them (you also stayed with us of course, dad?). They chatted, chatted and chatted on soba lunch, time flied. She had to leave too soon — oh, 白山吹= white kerria japonica, you are so beautiful twice an year, in springtime flower and autumnal leaf.

Dangerous Scent


Mom left me alone till very late at night the other day. It was because she visited a close friend living far away, I heard. Meow, why don’t you stop trying to enter my mom’s hat? By the way, dad felt sick when he picked her up at the nearest station. She used an old perfume which might changed constituents by years, emits something like lead. He is allergic to it, sneezed seriously.

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Turquoise Beauty


Shin and Mei-Shun saw Turkish items when they dated in Tokyo last week. This blue carpet hit their eyes first, followed by lovely cushions and mats. Bowls and cups were also too fascinating to choose in a minute. They therefore left once, had lunch and came down again. Well, crescent and star pattern looks the best to use as a bed cover. This small mat would be a footrest, tulip bowl for fruits.

Severe Barometer


Mei-Shun remembers that Ms. S, her last piano instructor owned cats at home. One of them was a black beauty called Tami-chan. She often sat on a piano chair, shared it with the young student. When the latter played well, the former stayed there. However, if awful sounds heard, she immediately escaped from the room. Yes, Mikan-chan, you sometimes do the same as well.

Meow, I prefer this.


Joy on Weekday


Shin took a half-day off today, met Mei-Shun at Tokyo Station in early afternoon. They went up by an escalator, window-shopping winter items, toward restaurant floor of a department store. Hmm, tempura looks the best for lunch. He ordered 3-course ones including rare 大浅利=oh-asari, a shellfish much bigger than normal size. And 大山=oh-yama sake for his wife who won’t drive after this.

Why in an iron pot?

Princess Cymby


Great to see you again, Your Highness. Your advent is to celebrate Christmas with Shin and Mei-Shun, isn’t it? Since divided your tangled roots, she thought you would take a few more years to bloom. You kindly encouraged her to recover from the disease she had approx. 4 years before. Health and prosperity is sincerely wished for yourself of course, and may our days be merry and bright.