Box Boy


Meow, this is my best seat, only when I feel hungry and see Ms. Mei-Shun. I like her who always gives me a treat. She also knows how to get along with me — never interferes to touch my sleepy paw pads. However, there are some dare do it here, hiss! Be polite, are you pleased when a stranger touch your sole while asleep? Just go ahead and play with my mammoth friends.

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Who Told U


It is Shin’s brother-in-law who takes care of cars owned by him and his wife. When he brought Mr. Diamond to their place the other day, no sticker of tax certificate was on the front glass. Next morning made him rush to Mei-Shun, certify the blue-gray chic. She found following audience, told him how lovely they were. He replied, “ah, they are buds of cauliflower, aren’t they?” Oops, oops.

Brassica oleracea var. italica

Hasty Women?


Yes, he is correct. It is not served by a post office nor a parcel delivery. He does not need any signature. At least a few years have passed since Shin and Mei-Shun ordered pizzas for the last time. So funny with the latter who prepared a name stamp when the bell rang. And you are as well, Princess Peach. We are still nearby the middle of March. Please calm down and think twice.

Welcome Back


Dear Mr. Diamond, we have been looking forward to seeing you again: it took as long as two months to make you up. Mei-Shun’s late father, the previous owner would be pleased as well. And do you know, it is the last day of lunar January today. Shall we go to the nearest shrine tomorrow to make a wish on the best day? White plum trees are in full bloom there, while cherry trees grew buds from pale yellow to red.

Pinky Princess


Mei-Shun would like to use comfortable adjectives like warm and cool more here, yet it seems we only have extreme change between torrid and freezing these days. On the other hand, plant ladies know the best timing to bloom — our garden princess already puts on a thin veil in pink, backyard plum in 80% blossom while green tea is served full in cherry.

Ocean Green


Meow, dad has found this precious stone for mom, in color of my eyes. It took him quite long, yet a time during which he really enjoyed. I understand it well. Mom’s face in rejoice makes me happy, so does for him I’m sure, purr. Now my parents consider how to make it — into a ring, a necklace or another. Or they can enjoy it by itself for a while, like she does in the “desert star”, a gift from Professor S.

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Horrific Delicacy


Shin and Mei-Shun found a big yam attached by a smaller piece. Since the wife is allergic while handling some, the husband always helps her cook them. Lunch was so good with ground yam and tuna sashimi soaked in soy sauce. However, after they had miso soup-based とろろ汁=tororo-jiru, raw yam potage using larger one for dinner, a serial sickness including headache, loose bowels and fever attacked them at midnight.