The Longest Day


… should have seen today on 夏至=ge-shi, the 10th of 二十四節気. However, most of us cannot recognize it in the middle of rainy season. It happened this year again — might be better to have a drought. More water is waited for our jug in Gunma Prefecture.

Foggy Paddy


We meet the sun as early as 5 o’clock in summer, yet he never appears 3 hours later today. Well, quite lucky for Mei-Shun — it is so nice to walk in morning fog. Birds seem stay in the bed, so do annoying flies above muddy water. She could save sunscreen cream as well, only a cap would work in this cool condition.

foggy paddy


Green, green


Please find below Mei-Shun’s newest fan for Japanese dance. 京扇堂, Shin’s recommendation of great art for a long time, met his wife at last this Wednesday. Just a step into the shop lead them to this shining green. How beautiful you are! Could you join Mei-Shun for practice 汐汲 at home? Ah, you would if accompanied by these coats. All right, let’s say “thank you very much” together to our generous sponsor.

hagi-fan2 (2)

Jet Lag?


It takes only 2 hours and a half to reach Kyoto from Tokyo these days. Sights seen through the window fly away so rapidly that Mei-Shun’s eyes feel it a little hard to recognize mountains, lakes and buildings well put within her memory. It may not be even a trip for those used to such speed — yet this inveterate stay-at-home could do nothing but going out for a haircut today.

We Love Kyoto


Kaori-san, please take our gratitude. You gave us another chance to come to this beautiful, ancient capital of Japan. Current rate of yen, however, might make our regular hotel here booked out — that is why we enjoyed a stay at our favorite one in Osaka last night. We took a local train after a slight exercise of walking to the station one more stop away. Clouds in the sky and summer hats nicely protected us from ultraviolet rays.

tutumi-masu (2)

Our Old Osaka


It is a decade ago when Shin was transferred to and stayed in Osaka alone for half an year. We discussed over and over whether Mei-Shun would go with him or stay in Ibaraki with mom-in-law. The latter finally won our choice, so Mei-Shun visited his apartment only twice when he moved to and leave that room.

Grown Up


Hello, sweet birdies. You just look like mom! Mei-Shun missed your fluffy baby days — still cute enough you are, of course. Stormy weather of today might prevent you from flying away. Great to see you stay here. Oh, you keep yellow parts beside beaks to call mom. Where is she?

pi-chans (2)