Shall We?


Mei-Shun started piano lesson at the age of 5. That seems why she loves music, headed by classical ones. She belonged to a brass band club in her junior high school days, playing the horn while Shin did as well by chance as a tuba player. Today, a letter from Professor K of Nihon University, one of Mei-Shun’s respectful benefactors, told her that he takes lessons for alto saxophone these days. Now, who would follow us next?

Tatami Moon


She appeared from under a fan. It is amazing how quick our new tatami mats change their color — just weeks have passed since they replaced our older ones. Juliet asked Romeo no to swear by the “inconstant” moon that monthly changes in her circled orbit. Well, so she does even under our feet, dear lovers.



Japanese Culture@holiday


偕楽園 accommodates a lot of old, beautiful trees represented by 梅=ume, or plum which blooms in early spring. It makes the garden so crowded that Shin and Mei-Shun never approach there, while months except for February and March find them in serenity. On the top of their recommendation list is 吐玉泉, togyoku-sen found below. Water flow from many natural springs are collected into the lowest point, put this marble rock called 寒水石 as a well crib.


Wise Lady


You really are, Madoka-chan. You seem to memorize Mei-Shun as a mom of refreshment — when she visits you with a box of cut carrots, apples or horse cookies in hand, your eyes begin to shine while your lips open and close like requesting a kiss. However, once you find her without anything tasty, you turn the back to her soon. This ball-point-pen says exactly what one of your moms feel right now.

no horse (2) no life (2)

Calming Rain


The two men crouched by our troubled dishwasher and discussed, resulted in an initial failure of the appliance maker. Gray-haired gas fitter left saying good luck, younger salesperson stayed to call a repairer. The latter was driving around here by chance, visited us in a minute. He aligned the machine, told Mei-Shun that the door had not been locked enough. She tried once again, succeeded in making it start. Hi, Mikan-chan, what a good girl you’ve kept, with so many male strangers!

korori-mikan (2)

3rd Renewal?


Now our dishwasher is set after a long wait. They told us that a gas fitter for the hobs would come around 15 : 00, yet he appeared one hour earlier. Well, no problem. We satisfied with his job, precise and speedy. Just before he left, Shin gave his wife a message to recommend a trial operation of the dishwasher. Mei-Shun tried and — oh no, it never starts! She asked the gas fitter for a help, while our contact personnel visited for a check at the same time.

2nd Renewal


You would find below before-after contrast of our dishwasher and built-in hobs. It took almost a whole day — at 9 : 00, a contractor brought three big boxes. He first carried out our old appliances including mom-in-law’s. Secondly, he cleaned up stainless tables before setting hobs. Then he tried to fit the new dishwasher into space of Mei-Shun’s previous one. However, the former is from a different maker, a little bigger than expected. That seemed why he often murmured and groaned during 2-hour process.

before renewal (2) after renewal