Blue Sky,


White cotton clouds, green paddy. It is great to see you after a week. However, it was yesterday when Mei-Shun walked to the nearest shrine. They have gone immediately to bring heavy rainfall from midnight. What a pity — horseback riding club is closed on Tuesdays. It takes at least one whole sunny day for the field to dry. And her appointment with Last One and Madoka-chan is on Thursdays.

Fifth Moon


It was 端午の節句 or lunar May 5th yesterday. Covered with rainy clouds of this season, we have missed beautiful crescents since the 2nd of the same. Mei-Shun gave it up in half, yet felt lucky for seeing her float among dark shadow. Please find following a photo taken by her who made such a challenge despite being awful at it. She wishes it could help a piece of smile for Osaka people.

Garden Guide


Meow, here comes sister Mei-Shun, daughter-in-law of my friend mom and a generous treat giver. When she strolls around my place in the morning, I report to her what kind of flowers are in the best blossom. On the top of the list right now is this lace-cap hydrangea, her present to mom on Mother’s Day a few years ago. And a lady’s tresses follows, which she found in buds and rejoiced.

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Missing Moon


Lunar May has started from yesterday. It was a bit cloudy, yet clear enough to let Mei-Shun see lovely horseies for lessons. Oh, this was 大安 as well, the best among 六曜 for her elder sister’s birthday. “Congratulations!” e-mail took just a minute for a thankful reply. She was too tired to play piano at night, while a good result on a weight scale shed bright light into her mind.

First Shampoo


I feel somehow uncomfortable in lower body from a few days before, have to rush into the restroom over and over. It is cool yet humid, makes mom switch on the air conditioner. I don’t like it, hiss! Let me relax at a warmer place, on your legs for example. However, she is too busy to stay here once the sun comes out among grey clouds. Meow, I … oops? What’s this foam over my coat?

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New Face!


Welcome to our home. Your predecessor worked for 12 years, recently had some trouble with cacophony. Shin likes you so much, yet quite surprised at the price, picked you up on the net for more reasonable purchase. Now you are here, it is Mei-Shun who is in charge of operation. You work as a laundry box, while as a dryer before and after washing respectively? That sounds terrific.