Surprise Gift


Thank you so much, Professor S. She kindly sent Mei-Shun a delicacy of handmade again. Truly amazing is her technique and sense of beauty to employ such cute rose-shaped crystal beads. And this jade rose represents her warm regards. That must be why it just fits on the little cup behind Mei-Shun’s collarbone.


Purrr ... I love it, too.

Purrr … I love it, too.

Necessary Costume


… for horseback riding includes a helmet, a vest, slim pants called culottes, boots and gloves. Mei-Shun ordered all (thanks a million, Shin), has not yet received any except for a pair of culottes. She is so much looking forward to seeing them soon. On the other hand, Japanese dance requires at least one cotton yukata, made with a texture on which a pattern of school where a dancer belongs to is dyed. Kikunoe Ryu has chosen this one, a pair of chrysanthemum profiles bound in calyx.



Southern Hemisphere


Professor M, one of Mei-Shun’s most respected friends while a co-student of Master Mei-Shu, visited Republic of South Africa. It is his first experience to reach the southernmost country of the African Continent. They say water whirls anticlockwise there — is it true?

Sweet Girl


Here is Omochi-chan again. Mikan-chan found this stool the best place this morning. Yes, it’s cool, honey. Tasty season has come. Chestnut, sweet potato, pumpkin, pear, grape and green orange … Oh, mom has to make a reservation to see Dr. M, her home dentist!

I'm steamy.

I’m steamy.

Tuning Please


Ms. Piano has not heard from the musical instruments company — she must have been tuned last month. Mei-Shun cannot recognize her trouble, yet professional care of once a year is indispensable to keep her healthy. Don’t you think so, Choco-chan and Ohagi-chan?

Sweet couple

Sniff, it’s not a toffee.

Introductory Lesson


Thanks, Maroo. He is very handsome and kind, a white pony, 20 years old, played a role of Mei-Shun’s partner yesterday. Our club let us prepare for riding; we have to brush his/her body, clean inside horseshoes, put cushions on the back, etc., before lessons. Nice idea it seems — we agree with them. Soft pats and gentle talking during preparation would help our wordless conversation.

After 23 Wks


So is a sigh of relief again. Mei-Shun feels so happy to see Dr. A, ever smiling to give a report of no problem once a month. After this “ceremony”, a small party is waiting for her at home; a sundae in the refrigerator. Her diet normally allows sweets only in the morning, yet such a treat helps her continue it.